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Expertise, ambitions and solutions – our publications from all working areas.

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FPA 2023: Toxic-Free World Brochure

October 10, 2023/by Miriam Petersen

A Healthy Planet for Healthy Children – Policies for a Future without Toxics

June 2, 2022/by Damian Cramer

Handbook on advancing institutional child protection

May 5, 2022/by Damian Cramer

2021 Future Policy Award Brochure – Protection from Hazardous Chemicals

July 7, 2021/by Damian Cramer

The Case for a Wider Energy Policy Mix in Line with the Objectives of ...

December 18, 2020/by Anna_Media

Policy Roadmap for 100% Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

July 29, 2020/by Anna_Media

Food Security: Local governments and civil society working together

July 15, 2020/by Anna_Media

New Study: Tackling the Climate Crisis and Corona Pandemic Recession

May 13, 2020/by Anna_Media

Achieving 100% Renewable Energy for all

March 16, 2020/by Anna_Media

100% Renewable Energy for Costa Rica – A Decarbonisation Roadmap

February 12, 2020/by Anna_Media

Policy Brief: “Leveraging climate finance for the Global South. Context and tools – a brief ...

January 10, 2020/by Miriam Petersen

Sustainable Energy is 100% Renewable – Recommendations

November 12, 2019/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2019 Policy Brochure: Empower Youth

October 16, 2019/by Anna_Media

(Em)Powering Cities in the European Union

September 24, 2019/by Anna_Media

The Mainstreaming of Organic Agriculture And Agroecology in the Himalaya Region

September 6, 2019/by Anna_Media

100% Renewable Energy for Bangladesh – Access to RE for all within one generation.

August 29, 2019/by Anna_Media

Beyond Fire: How to achieve electric cooking

May 28, 2019/by Anna_Media

Policy Handbook: Advancing Education for Sustainable Development

February 26, 2019/by Miriam Petersen

Position paper: Strengthening agroecology for a fundamental Transformation of agri-food systems

February 15, 2019/by Anna_Media

Ambition For the Future – 100%RE to Accelerate Sustainable Development

December 4, 2018/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2018 Policy Brochure

October 12, 2018/by Miriam Petersen

Guarding our Future

July 10, 2018/by Anna_Media

Financing 100% Renewable Energy for all in Tanzania

July 3, 2018/by Miriam Petersen

The Meaning of the Endogeneity of Money

June 14, 2018/by Anna_Media

China Urban Development Review

March 8, 2018/by Anna_Media

How to convert fossil fuel stranded assets into RE investments

January 2, 2018/by Miriam Petersen

Unlocking the trillions to finance the 1.5°C limit

November 7, 2017/by Anna_Media

‘Degrowth’ alone is not enough

September 29, 2017/by Anna_Media

10 Years World Future Council Publication

September 15, 2017/by Anna_Media

FPA 2017: Celebrating the world’s best policies to combat desertification

September 4, 2017/by Anna_Media

WFC China Program Annual Report 2016

June 21, 2017/by Anna_Media

100% Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development

June 6, 2017/by Anna_Media

Policy Roadmap for 100% Renewable Energy and Poverty Eradication in Tanzania

May 10, 2017/by Anna_Media

Growing Food in Windhoek

March 13, 2017/by Anna_Media

Debt and Asset: From a Macroeconomic Perspective

February 9, 2017/by Anna_Media

Financial Market Reform: Strengthening Public Interest

February 8, 2017/by Anna_Media

Enhancing Regional Renewables Cooperation in the EU

January 19, 2017/by Anna_Media

Protecting refugees Women and Girls from Violence

December 16, 2016/by Anna_Media

Beyond fire: how to achieve sustainable cooking

November 4, 2016/by Anna_Media

A roadmap for 100% RE in Morocco

October 26, 2016/by Anna_Media

Move the nuclear weapons money

October 24, 2016/by Anna_Media

Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development

August 16, 2016/by Anna_Media

100% renewable energy and poverty reduction in Tanzania

June 27, 2016/by Anna_Media

Global Policy Action Plan (GPACT)

June 17, 2016/by Anna_Media

Kassel International Dialogue on 100% Renewable Energy – Outcome Report

March 14, 2016/by Anna_Media

What Place for Renewables in the INDCs?

March 12, 2016/by Anna_Media

Regenerative Cities in China

February 29, 2016/by Anna_Media

Zero Project Report 2017

February 21, 2016/by Anna_Media

Are you in? 100% Renewables, Zero Poverty

December 1, 2015/by Anna_Media

The Climate-Nuclear Nexus

November 27, 2015/by Anna_Media

FPA 2015: Celebrating the world’s best laws and policies to secure children’s rights

October 20, 2015/by Anna_Media

Policy Solutions for Sustainable Charcoal in Sub-Saharan Africa

September 7, 2015/by Anna_Media

The monetary system in crisis

August 7, 2015/by Anna_Media

Peaceful and Just Societies: A Key Factor in Financing for Sustainable Development

May 15, 2015/by Anna_Media

100% Renewable Energy: boosting Development in Morocco

March 2, 2015/by Anna_Media

Imagine a Regenerative City

February 2, 2015/by Anna_Media

Measuring the Long Term

January 23, 2015/by Anna_Media

Help Ensure Every Child Born is Wanted

October 30, 2014/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2014: Ending Violence against Women and Girls

October 14, 2014/by Anna_Media

Blue Solutions from Asia and the Pacific

October 12, 2014/by Anna_Media

How to achieve 100% Renewable Energy

September 11, 2014/by Anna_Media

Seven Principles for Future Just Lawmaking

August 12, 2014/by Anna_Media

Biodiversity Legislation Study

April 25, 2014/by Anna_Media

Alternative Indicators for Wealth

March 31, 2014/by Anna_Media

Costs of Austerity – Squandering our Productive Resources

January 7, 2014/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2013: Celebrating the World’s best Disarmament Policies

October 23, 2013/by Anna_Media

Regenerative Urban Development: a Roadmap to the City we need

September 7, 2013/by Anna_Media

Towards the Regenerative City

June 3, 2013/by Anna_Media

Oceans Survey

May 8, 2013/by Anna_Media

Moving Beyond Nuclear Deterrence to a Nuclear Weapons Free World

April 28, 2013/by Anna_Media

Powering Africa through feed-in Tariffs

February 26, 2013/by Anna_Media

The Monetary Cost of the Non-Use of Renewable Energies (Update 2017)

January 7, 2013/by Anna_Media

Forests for People

November 14, 2012/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2012: Oceans and Coasts

October 16, 2012/by Anna_Media

Designing Future Just Laws on Biodiversity

October 6, 2012/by Anna_Media

A Future for Gulf Cities

September 25, 2012/by Anna_Media

Handbook: Supporting nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament

July 7, 2012/by Anna_Media

Survey of Future Just Biodiversity Laws & Policies

June 20, 2012/by Anna_Media

Crafting Future Just Biodiversity Laws and Policies

November 12, 2011/by Anna_Media

International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons

October 9, 2011/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2011: Celebrating the World’s best Forest Policies

September 21, 2011/by Anna_Media

Climate Change, Nuclear Risks and Nuclear Disarmament

May 17, 2011/by Anna_Media

From vision to action: A workshop report on 100% Renewable Energies in European Regions

May 14, 2011/by Anna_Media

Financing climate protection with newly created SDRs

May 14, 2011/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2010: Celebrating the World’s best Biodiversity Policies

October 25, 2010/by Anna_Media

Regenerative Cities

October 13, 2010/by Anna_Media

Crimes against Future Generations: A New Approach

August 15, 2010/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award 2009: Celebrating the Belo Horizonte Food Security Programme

October 1, 2009/by Anna_Media

Cultivating the Future: Food in the Age of Climate Change

September 15, 2009/by Anna_Media

Policies to Change the World

July 20, 2009/by Anna_Media