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Creating a global network of partnerships as a source of inspiration and knowledge for climate protection. 

Building alliances 

We connect fragmented stakeholders and build alliances to facilitate peer-to-peer exchanges and strengthen knowledge and capacity to drive just climate action. 

Sharing insights 

We implement research results from national roadmap processes into international networks and partnerships to facilitate the replication of approaches and accelerate the energy transition. 

Engagement in networks 

We are actively involved in international renewable energy networks and alliances to guide energy policy in the coming years: REN21, Foundations Platform F20 (F20), the Global Renewables Congress and the IRENA Coalition for Action. 

Current projects

The Global Renewables Congress

MPs are key players in the energy transition. As legislators, they can catalyse and facilitate the implementation of the transition to renewable energies, develop strategies to overcome remaining obstacles and ensure that international commitments are implemented. 

The Global Renewables Congress (GRC) is a transnational, cross-party platform that enables peer-to-peer exchanges among and with legislators. The GRC focuses on solutions for the rapid and large-scale use of renewable energies through appropriate legal frameworks. 

IRENA Coalition for Action

The World Future Council is a founding member and part of the steering committee of the IRENA Coalition for Action and is active in the working groups “Community Energy” andAgri-RE”. The IRENA Coalition for Action forms an important international network to discuss industry trends, define actions, share knowledge and exchange best practices. The vision of promoting the global energy transition in line with the goal of sustainable development in the energy sector is common to all members. Its mission is to convene a global dialogue between non-governmental and governmental actors to develop measures to increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix. Today, the coalition brings together over 90 leading players in the renewable energy field, including private companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations. 

Foundations Plattform F20 (F20) 

The F20 platform consists of more than 50 foundations and philanthropic organisations from different parts of the world. Together they call for transnational action for sustainable development and positive transformation to chart pathways to solutions to today’s most pressing challengesclimate change and a just transition towards sustainable development based on renewable energies. F20 wants to be part of the solution and builds bridges between civil society, business and the financial sector, think tanks and politicswithin the G20 countries, among themselves and beyond. 


The World Future Council is a member of the steering committee of REN21, a multi-stakeholder renewable energy network. Thiscoalition of the willing” like-minded organisations from different sectors. It aims to support and accelerate renewable energy development through its key publications, the Renewables Global Status Report and the Renewables in Cities Global Status Report. The network includes over 70 members from industry, civil society, academia, governments and intergovernmental organisations. 

EU Community Power Coalition 

The World Future Council is a member of the EU Community Power Coalition. The Coalition brings together a diverse network of like-minded organisations that share a common goal to advance the development of citizen and community ownership of energy in the urgent transformation to a 100% renewable energy system. The coalition includes associations, energy cooperatives, networks of cities and local authorities, representatives of the renewable energy industry, legal experts and various environmental NGOs. 

Publications & Downloads

Paper: Encouraging Community Energy Investments: Expanding Renewable Energy Ownership 

Built on several case studies, the paper presents policies and funding mechanisms and offers recommendations that reflect best practices in community energy. 

Report: Local governments and civil society work together for food security 

This report addresses actions needed to strengthen civil society initiatives in the area of providing healthy and nutritious food in urban areas of the Global South. 

Renewables in the EU’s post-COVID-19 recovery package

In May 2020, the EU Commission presented its economic stimulus package in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Next Generation EU (NGEU) programme amounts to 750 billion euros. This publication analyses the role played by the promotion of renewable energies. 

Partners & Initiatives

Climate Action Network (CAN)

We are part of the Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, which is the leading European NGO coalition fighting climate change. 

The German Federal Foundation for the Environment 

The German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU) promotes innovative, exemplary and solution-oriented projects to protect the environment, with special consideration for medium-sized businesses, in line with the foundation’s mandate and mission statement. 

Mercator Foundation 

The Mercator Foundation is a European foundation. It promotes understanding between people of different cultures, stands up for a united Europe and helps establish the social prerequisites for peaceful coexistence. 

Brot für die Welt

Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) is a global development agency run by the Protestant churches in Germany and is active in almost 90 countries around the world. Together with local partners, the organisation helps poor and marginalised people to improve their living conditions through their own efforts. 

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Sälma El-Gamal

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