Are you in? 100% Renewables, Zero Poverty


In September 2015 world leaders signed off on a new global 15 year plan to tackle poverty inequality and climate change. In doing so, they pledged to ensure all people have access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. Today 1.2 billion people (nearly 1 in 7) lack access to electricity. But communities are rolling out renewables in order to beat back poverty, as these technologies can provide sustainable energy access where coal, oil and gas have failed for the last century. Sustainable energy can improve health by reducing pollution, it can improve education, create jobs and kickstart industries in minor economies.

There is already a growing movement of leaders from villages, cities and businesses around the world who are not waiting for national governments to act, but are getting their own communities on track to a 100% renewable energy powered future – to deliver the just, equitable, healthy and prosperous world we need. This report features a range of these people whose stories highlight the development benefits derived from getting on track to go 100% renewable.