Beteiligung und Stärkung - Partizipation and Empowerment

Participation and Empowerment

We want to empower young people for politics and the labour market.

We advocate for the political framework conditions so that young people are heard, involved and empowered.

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

We strengthen the child’s right to voice and participation as a fundamental principle of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Political participation

We promote the participation of young people in social and political decision-making processes.

Economic Strengthening

We empower young people to be able to do sustainable and decent work.

Our Youth Forum

We give young people a voice.

Current projects

Participation of Children and Youth

In 2019, our Future Policy Award recognised legislation and inspiring frameworks that promote and effectively implement the social and political participation of young people.

Developing economic competences

We awarded the best laws that build young people’s skills and enable them not only to compete in the labour market, but also to become co-creators of a future green economy.

Publications & Downloads

Brochure: Future Policy Award 2019

This brochure presents the winners of the Future Policy Award 2019 on the theme of empowering young people…

Videos & Webinars

Webinar: The European Green Deal and the Enhanced European Youth Guarantee: Opportunities and Challenges

Will the European Green Deal and the European Youth Guarantee help to fight youth unemployment? This is the core of what we discuss in our webinar.

Partners & Initiatives


In 2019, the World Future Council established the Youth Forum Youth:Present.


First-rate support – worldwide

Honorary Councillor and Co-Founders


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Samia Kassid

Samia Kassid

Senior Programme Manager

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Helena Bals

Helena Bals


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