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The protection and health of children is close to our hearts.

It is our duty to protect our present and future generations!

Institutional child protection

We seek the best solutions that promote the institutional protection of children.

Spreading successful models

We publicise the One-Stop Centre model.


We network decision-makers for a strong child protection system.

Protect children’s health

We are looking for solutions to protect against hazardous chemicals.

Our Topics

Strengthening institutional child protection systems

The One-Stop Centre

The Future Policy Award 2015 was dedicated to policies that contribute to protecting and strengthening the rights of girls and boys based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We focussed on child protection, education, meaningful participation as well as on the right to a healthy environment.

Strengthening children’s health

Protection from hazardous chemicals

Chemicals have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Currently, there are over 40,000 industrial chemicals in commerce worldwide and more than hundreds of new chemicals enter the market every year. The lack of sound management of hazardous chemicals contributes to toxifying the planet and all life on it. Children can be particularly affected, and babies can be born with harmful chemicals in their bodies.  

In 2021 and 2023 the World Future Council dedicated its Future Policy Award to this very important topic.  

Publications & Downloads

Handbook: Promoting institutional child protection

This manual presents the One-Stop-Centre as an intervention tool to support victims of child violence.

Report: A healthy planet for healthy children

This report draws attention to the “silent pandemic” of diseases associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals and pollution in childhood.

Brochure: The Future Policy Award 2021

This brochure presents the winners of the Future Policy Award 2021 on the topic of protection from hazardous chemicals.

Videos & Webinars

At the Healthy Children on a Healthy Planet: Success Factors for a Toxic-Free Future conference, we called for more action on chemical pollution, discussed excellent policies and presented key policy success factors and recommendations.

This webinar discussed the importance of public health, from children’s health to public health policy.

In this webinar, we presented best practice solutions for child protection interventions in the African region and discussed the potential of the One-Stop Centre model in addressing violence against girls, boys and young women.

Partners & Initiatives

The National Coalition Germany – Network for the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child e. V.

The National Coalition Germany has made the realisation of children’s rights its programme.

The Yagmur Remembrance Award

The Yagmur Remembrance Award honours “civil courage in child protection” and aims to raise awareness of this current issue.


First-rate support – worldwide

Honorary Councillor and Co-Founders


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Helena Bals


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