Pathfinder Annual Report 2019 cover

Excerpt Pathfinder 2019

Our Pathfinder 2019: Our aim at the World Future Council is to leave a healthy planet and a fair society to our children and grandchildren. We envision a sustainable, just, and peaceful future where universal rights are respected. To achieve this, we identify, research, and spread the best and most sustainable policy solutions around the world. This goal is shared by our 50 Councillors from all over the world, and by our dedicated Ambassadors and Sponsors.

Many excellent solutions for people and the planet already exist at the local, regional, or international level. Holistic and interlinked thinking and action are essential for the complex challenges of our time. For 2019–2020 our work priorities are:

■ Climate Protection and Renewable Energy
■ The Rights of Children and Youth
■ Sustainable Ecosystems and Livelihoods
■ Peace and Disarmament

Let’s take a tour through our various projects, solutions and activities, our way of working, and our worldwide network. We invite you to look back at our impact in 2019. This Path Finder 2019 presents to you the highlights of our work. Enjoy reading!


100 % RENEWABLE ENERGY! Our ambition is 100 per cent renewable energy – worldwide. We promoted cooking with renewable energy in Sierra Leone, supported Costa Rica in achieving its goal of decarbonising the country by 2050, and raised awareness among decision makers in Bangladesh about the effects of climate change on the erosion of coastal land and river banks. For more information, see pages 6–7.

LESS WEAPONS! We inspire young people and engage with parliamentarians to abolish nuclear weapons. For more information on our work towards peace and disarmament, see pages 16–17.

EMPOWERING YOUTH! In 2019, our “Oscar” for best policies
was dedicated to empowering youth. Learn how they can be supported with green jobs and political participation on pages 10–11.

MORE CLIMATE FINANCE! To find out how central banks could reduce global CO₂ emissions by 37 per cent by 2030, see page 8.

MORE MARINE PROTECTED AREAS! We are committed to the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and for 30% of the oceans to be protected by 2030. Find out how we engage in the protection of our oceans on pages 14–15.

MORE AGROECOLOGY! At our events, we have inspired and informed more than 1,000 decision makers and representatives from politics, science, business, and civil society about the best agroecology solutions. Read more on pages 12–13

LESS CHEMICALS! Our upcoming Future Policy Award will highlight the best policies for protecting current and future generations from hazardous chemicals. Learn more on page 9.

MORE ACTION! Our Councillors have called on world leaders to take immediate action to adress the world’s greatest challenges. Many solutions already exist – all we need to do is to spread them! Read more on pages 18–19.