Handbook on advancing institutional child protection

About the handbook on advancing institutional child protection  

Every child should be living free from violence. However, we have known for decades that violence is a common reality affecting children in our societies throughout the world. With the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, increasing migration, and conflicts, this reality has grown to an even greater dimension putting many families under immense pressure. 

Protecting children from violence is one of the main working areas of the World Future Council. That’s why, we have launched a new policy handbook for advancing institutional child protection.  

On the following pages, you can find more about the One-Stop Centre model (OSC). OSC is a cost-effective and easy-to-implement response for countries and municipalities to rising cases of violence against children. These centres have provided several necessary services to respond to cases of child abuse, violence, maltreatment, and neglect, all under one roof. You can learn more about successful experiences of the implementation of this model, its strengths and shortcomings as well as key lessons learned for the minimum requirements necessary to support OSCs for policy makers and stakeholders engaged in the field of child protection.  

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Violence Against Children (VAC): What are the common misperceptions of children and childhood? Who is at risk and what are the consequences of VAC? 

Legal Framework against VAC: What are the policies that help design a society intolerant to VAC?  

Child Protection System: The One-Stop Centre Model (OSC) as an effective response to VAC.  

Country Case Studies of OSC: Experiences of implementing the OSC model around the globe.