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For a Toxic-Free World

This Brochure presents the Winners of the Future Policy Award 2023

Our Future Policy Award is the first award that celebrates legislation and policies that will benefit current and future generations at an international level. In 2023, we are awarding policy solutions that protect people, especially children, and the environment from hazardous chemicals in products. This brochure presents the Winners of the Future Policy Award 2023 and other nominated policies that work towards a toxic-free world. Additionally, you will find several key recommendations for policy-makers, for effective protection from harmful chemicals in products. This brochure also presents information about the award process, the Future-Just Lawmaking Framework, our 2023 Jury members, and FPA winners of previous years.

Experts from around the world have nominated 40 POLICIES from 27 COUNTRIES. We received 7 nominations from Africa, 13 from Asia, 11 from Europe, 6 from Latin America and 3 from North America. Over 30 EXPERTS have assisted us in the careful screening and evaluation of all our nominations.

The 8 RENOWNED MEMBERS OF THE JURY recommended 4 POLICIES for this year’s Future Policy Award that best fulfil the future-just policy criteria and serve as inspiring examples for policymakers in other countries or regions.

We proudly present to you the winners of the Future Policy Award 2023 and we encourage policymakers globally to adopt and implement key elements of these inspiring, innovative and effective policies in their own countries, states and cities.

Enjoy reading to find out more about the 2023 awardees.