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Our impact

Work that creates hope

Our vision: To pass on a healthy planet with intact societies to our children and grandchildren. This can be achieved through effective solutions for policy and practice. A big ambition – but we are convinced that these solutions already exist. We work every day to spread the word about them. Our work has impact – below you can see a few examples of it:


pioneering laws and policies from 40 countries were honoured with our Future Policy Award – gaining international recognition.


parliamentary workshops and themed webinars on effective solutions organised.


governments are invited each year to nominate the best policies for our Future Policy Award.


parliaments received our parliamentary handbooks.

30 by 2030

That percentage – 30 per cent by 2030 – of the sea needs to be protected. This is the decision of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Montreal in December 2023. We have actively contributed to this.


delegates and decision-makers learned about child protection during our conference.


cities, regions, islands, and countries implemented a 100% renewable engery strategie that the WFC called for.


weapons were destroyed thanks to a new policy initiative in Bosnia-Herzegowina. The blueprint was an Argentinean legislation, which was disseminated by the World Future Council.

Supporters from around the world

We have partners all over the world: from the 12 UN agencies that support our Future Policy Award, over the 22 Nobel Prize Laureates supporting our appeal to redirect military spending- to the song “We Are One” composed especially for us by two young musicians.

Future generations in mind

People who have not yet been born or are children today have to live with the consequences of our actions and decisions. Protecting their rights and giving them the opportunity to live in dignity is our mission. This is only possible if effective solutions are applied in policy and practice.

Operating globally, at home in Hamburg

Our headquarters are in Hamburg. While many of our projects have an impact all over the world, we also take responsibility on our own doorstep. For example, we are involved in the consumer alliance Bio-Stadt Hamburg to strengthen organic food, or in the “Hamburg Education Agenda for Sustainable Development” (HHBA).