Beyond Fire


Beyond Fire: How to achieve electric cooking is an update of the in 2016 published report Beyond Fire: How to achieve sustainable cooking.

This updated report builds on the conclusions of the original and goes one step further. By zooming into the current financial viability of alternative cooking technologies, this report focuses on electric cooking, using solar home systems (SHS) and mini-grids. In addition, the report incorporates a discussion on electric slow cookers and pressure cookers.

Conference of the Mano River Union on Renewable Energy and Clean Cooking

©Nathalie Bertrams

Expanding access to clean energy solutions on the African continent in the face of the climate crisis and rapid economic changes are essential. This must explicitly include the cooking sector, which has been neglected politically so far. The first high-level Conference of the Mano River Union on Renewable Energy and Clean Cooking took place on the 18th and 19th November 2019 in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It brought together about 150 policymakers and experts in this field, including the president of Sierra Leone, Ministers of Energy and Health and members of parliament of the MRU countries – Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Ivory Coast –, NGOs, Businesses, research institutes and international organisations. The World Future Council and the Global Renewables Congress initiated and co-hosted the event with Dr Kandeh K. Yumkella and Bärbel Höhn.