Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung - Education for sustainable development ESD

Education for sustainable development

We promote the implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) in education systems and cities

Our goal is to integrate education for sustainable development into curricula and worldwide. 

Inspire politics

In discussions with decision-makers worldwide, we identified factors that contribute to the successful implementation of education for sustainable development in education systems.

Advance ESD

We are inspired by Maryland‘s Environmental Literacy Standards promoting ESD across the U.S.

Active in Hamburg and Germany

We actively accompany the implementation of the master plan on education for sustainable development


Future Policy Award 2015 was dedicated to policies that contribute to protecting and strengthening the rights of girls and boys based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We focussed among others on the right to education, meaningful participation as well as on the right to a healthy environment. 


Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards won the Silver Award: In 2011, Maryland became the first US State to make environmental education obligatory for high-school students. The State Board of Education ruled that each local school system must provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary environmental education program that is integrated into the general school curriculum. While the teaching of environmental education is now required from pre-school to graduation, the focus is on all incoming Grade 9 students (14 and 15-year-olds) who must complete a comprehensive environmental education programme that meets the Maryland Environmental Literacy Curriculum Standards.  

In Oct 2016 we hosted an international workshop in Annapolis, US-Maryland inviting environment educational leaders and decision-makers from around the world to explore the positive impacts of Maryland’s Environmental Literacy Standards and see some of these positive impacts first-hand. 

Role model Maryland

In 2011, Maryland became the first US state to make environmental education mandatory for secondary school students. The State Board of Education decided that every local school system must offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary environmental education programme that is integrated into the school’s general curriculum. We are working to spread this concept in other countries.

Publications & Downloads

Handbook: Education for Sustainable Development

The handbook shows factors that contribute to successfully implementing ESD structurally and in practice.

Article: Ecological children’s rights and education for sustainable development

The article asks why ESD and children’s ecological rights are so closely intertwined?

Article: The World Future Council recommends education for Earthlings (german)

Admittedly: The term “Education for Sustainable Development” is unwieldy and doesn’t sound very sexy. However, the guiding idea behind it is nothing less than saving our (surrounding) world. Exciting examples from all over the world show the way.

Videos & Webinars

What are the success factors for implementing Education for Sustainable Development in school education?

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