Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung - Education for sustainable development ESD

Education for sustainable development

We want to promote education for sustainable development.

Our goal is to integrate education for sustainable development into curricula worldwide.

Inspire politics

In discussions with decision-makers worldwide, we identified factors that contribute to the successful implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in education systems.

Advance ESD

We want to use the example of the U.S. state of Maryland to disseminate environmental education standards.

Active in Germany

We are working to successfully implement the National Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development

What is Education for sustainable Development?

Education for Sustainable Development is an integral part of qualitative education that empowers learners to transform themselves and their societies, to enable a transition to more sustainable economies and more peaceful societies, and to be “global citizens”

Current projects

The educational café

We are a member of the Otto Group’s Education Initiatives Foundation Association. The initiative’s partners are Aquaagenten, Finlit, TechUcation, The YoungClassX and HANz!

National Action Plan on Education for Sustainable Development

On 20 June 2017, the National Platform on Education for Sustainable Development adopted the National Action Plan for the implementation of the UNESCO World Programme of Action on Education for Sustainable Development (2015-2019) during its fifth session. We support the implementation in Hamburg and in Germany.

Role model Maryland

In 2011, Maryland became the first US state to make environmental education mandatory for secondary school students. The State Board of Education decided that every local school system must offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary environmental education programme that is integrated into the school’s general curriculum. We are working to spread this concept in other countries.

Publications & Downloads

Handbook: Education for Sustainable Development

The handbook shows factors that contribute to successfully implementing ESD structurally and in practice.

Article: Ecological children’s rights and education for sustainable development

The article asks why ESD and children’s ecological rights are so closely intertwined?

Article: The World Future Council recommends education for Earthlings (german)

Admittedly: The term “Education for Sustainable Development” is unwieldy and doesn’t sound very sexy. However, the guiding idea behind it is nothing less than saving our (surrounding) world. Exciting examples from all over the world show the way.

Videos & Webinars

What are the success factors for implementing Education for Sustainable Development in school education?

Partners & Initiatives

Hamburg Education Agenda for Sustainable Development

The “Hamburg Education Agenda for Sustainable Development” (HHBA) is a network of school and extracurricular actors in global learning, environmental education and related fields that aims to strengthen Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Hamburg.

Finlit Foundation

The Finlit Foundation wants to make financial literacy possible for everyone in everyday life. With their educational initiative Manomoneta, they want to make this competence possible for all children. To this end, they want to remove the taboo from the topics of money and debt, improve financial literacy and thus make a contribution against private over-indebtedness – in the spirit of a debt-free world.

Aqua Agents

The educational project AQUA-AGENTEN was designed according to the principles of education for sustainable development (ESD) and has been awarded three times as an “Official Project of the UN World Decade”. One of the goals of ESD is to enable the acquisition of shaping competences and to show options for action.

The Young ClassX

Music everywhere: on and off stage, in small and large concert halls, in the classroom and at home, in the schoolyard and in the MusikMobil, in Hamburg, Karlsruhe and Dresden, but above all – in the heart. That is The Young ClassX!


The Hamburg Training Network (HANz!) is an initiative that supports and promotes young people with difficult starting conditions as they enter working life. The initiative creates links between young people and companies and improves career guidance at schools.


Digital education in schools is one of the most important topics of our time. In cooperation with the Hamburg School Authority and the Hamburg State Institute (LI), TechUcation has therefore developed the digital education programme for teachers, TechUcation@school. This is now available to all teachers in Germany.


First-rate support – worldwide

Honorary Councillor and Co-Founders


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