Rights of Children and Youth - Rechte Kinder und Jugendliche

Rights of Children and Youth

We are committed to ensuring that children and young people exercise their rights.

Since 2014, we have been working with the Rights of Children and Youth program to ensure that girls, boys and young people exercise their rights so that they can grow up healthy and develop their full potential. The state has an obligation to create the appropriate framework conditions. That is why we identify the best policies and laws for children’s and young people’s rights, publicize them and inspire those responsible to implement similar measures in their own context. To this end, we promote professional and political exchange on children’s and young people’s rights with decision-makers worldwide and offer practical methods and tools for faster action.

Our focus

Michael Otto Endorsement

What I like most about the World Future Council is
that it disseminates solutions to improve the
the political environment for present and future
for present and future generations. A special focus
on the most vulnerable groups in our society
vulnerable groups in our society - children and young
young people.

Prof. Dr. Michael Otto

has supported the "Rights of Children and Youth" programme since 2014.


Samia Kassid

Samia Kassid

Senior Programme Manager

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Helena Bals

Helena Bals


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