Future Policy

The Award

Celebrates policies that create better living conditions for current and future generations.

Annual Themes

Each year, we identify one topic on which policy progress is particularly urgent.

Aim of the award

To raise global awareness for exemplary policies and speed up policy action.

Unique approach

The Future Policy Award is the first award that celebrates policies on an international level.

We have partnered with UN agencies and the Interparliamentary Union


Nomination, Review & Selection Process

Who can nominate?

Hundreds of thematic expert organisation ranging from international organisations, academica, non-governmental organisations, parliamentary networks and government agencies are invited to nominate outstanding policies which must mark a significant progress towards sustainable development and in the interest of current and future generations. They are screened by our research team, which employs the 7 Principles of Future-Just Lawmaking and conducts interviews with representatives from governments, sciences and non-governmental organizations.

7 Principles of Future-Just Lawmaking

The 7 Principles of Future-Just Lawmaking are applied to all nominated policies. They are derived from the seven principles for sustainable development law, presented at the 2002 Johannesburg World Summit on Sustainable Development. An international jury composed of representatives from around the world select the winning policies.  Award ceremonies are held at UN Conferences.