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Future Policy Award

The Future Policy Award celebrates top policy solutions for us and generations to come. We raise global awareness for exemplary laws and policies, accelerating policy action toward a common future, where every person lives in dignity on a healthy, sustainable planet. Each year we focus on one topic where progress is particularly urgent and receive nominations from across the globe. Find out everything about the Future Policy Award on this page.

The Award 

The Award celebrates policies which promote better living conditions for present and future generations. 

Goal of the Award 

Effective polices get known worldwidefor just, sustainable and peaceful societies. 

Unique concept

The Future Policy Award is the first award recognising policies at the international level. 

Varying topics 

Each time we choose a policy area where innovative solutions are particularly important.  

The FPA 2024: Peace and future generations

The FPA 2024 will celebrate innovative and impactful peace policies for present and future generations. Enduring peace is perhaps the most critical component for the sustainable development of societies and protecting people and planet. Our global community is in desperate need of creative and inclusive policy solutions at all levels to resolve conflict, prevent war and foster a culture of peace.  

Watch the Award ceremonies

Check out the glamorous Award ceremonies and learn more about the winning policies! 

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Future Policy Award
How does the Future Policy Award work? 

How does the selection process work? Who can nominate? According to what criteria are the winners selected? Learn all about the path to the FPA. 

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