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In our Pathfinder 2020, we invite you to learn more about our projects and achievements, our solutions and activities, our methods of working, and our global network.

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Let’s take a tour through our various projects, solutions and activities, our way of working, and our worldwide network. We invite you to look back at our impact in 2019. This Path Finder presents to you the highlights of our work. Enjoy reading!

Annual Report 2018

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Time is pressing: in autumn 2018 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that we have no more than 12 years to avert a climate catastrophe. Just recently, the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services warned against a massive loss of biodiversity that is putting one million species in danger of extinction.

Let’s take a tour through the diverse and numerous solutions we identified and promoted during 2018! This Annual Report looks back at our impact in 2018 and shows, yet again, our supporters’ strong commitment: collectively we can be proud of what we achieved in sustainable agriculture, education for sustainable development, protecting children from violence, advancing 100% Renewable Energy, fostering a sustainable economy, and promoting peace and disarmament.

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More and more people wish to eat healthy, uncontaminated food and ensure that our children will inherit a planet worth living in. In the face of land degradation, biodiversity loss, climate change and population growth, we have to quickly switch to sustainable food and agriculture. As agroecology protects and regenerates our soils, water and biodiversity, strengthens smallholder farmers, boosts local economy and improves climate resilience, it can play a key role in this process. We urgently need to convince policymakers to develop and implement policies that effectively scale up agroecology! For this reason, in 2018 the World Future Council decided to award the world’s best practices which scale up agroecology. After a thorough evaluation by our research department, an international jury composed of renowned agroecology experts selected the winners of the Future Policy Award 2018. Beating 51 nominated policies from 25 countries, the world’s best policies come from India, Denmark, Ecuador, Brazil, the Philippines, Senegal, the United States of America, and include an initiative from the international level.

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Annual Report 2017


The world we live in is changing fast, and, it seems, not necessarily for the good. Every day we are confronted with negative news and shocking headlines. But this problem-orientated approach towards today’s challenges is paralysing and unproductive. Because of that, it is important to talk about solutions.

Let’s take a tour through the diverse and numerous solutions we identified and promoted during 2017! This Annual Report looks back at our impact in 2017 and shows, yet again, our supporters’ strong commitment: collectively we can be proud of what we achieved in climate protection, advancing 100% Renewable Energy, combating land degradation, protecting children from violence, fostering a sustainable economy, and promoting peace and disarmament.

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From promoting renewable energy solutions and respecting the rights of children and future generations to driving policy action on nuclear disarmament and financing climate protection, our work is far reaching and interconnected. Over the past year, we have achieved remarkable successes in helping implement exemplary policies by bringing together change-makers from around the world to reclaim our future.

This report captures the full scope of our work. We are very proud to share these achievements with you and look forward to the journey ahead.

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Annual Report 2015


Our latest annual report, the “Pathfinder 2015”, provides an overview of our international work since the beginning of 2014. We have been busy bringing together experts from around the world to discuss and share existing solutions to today’s problems.

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Annual Report 2013


In 2012 we gathered with government delegations from all over the world to discuss global challenges and identify new paths to a better future. In our “Pathfinder 2013” we report about our achievements during the last year.

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Annual Report 2011


2010 has been a very successfull year for the World Future Council. We were busy counselling policy-makers and spreading ‘best policies’ and thus, multiplying incentives for positive action.

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