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The Nuclear-Climate Nexus and Sustainable Peace

While humanity faces a range of interconnected transnational threats and crises in the 21st Century, climate change and the continued existence of nuclear weapons stand out as two existential threats. Both threaten the survival of life on earth as we know it and both are of our making.

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The Nuclear-Climate Nexus and Sustainable Peace

September 22, 2016/by World Future Council

Study Tour: Regional Cooperation for RE in EU

September 7, 2016/by World Future Council

International field trip on exemplary environmental education policy

September 6, 2016/by World Future Council

Breaking Silos: Exploring Synergies between Better Public Spaces and Regenerative Cities

August 1, 2016/by World Future Council

Public Space for a Liveable Regenerative City: Learning from China and the Asia Pacific ...

July 20, 2016/by World Future Council

Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence: a workshop in Minnesota (USA)

May 18, 2016/by Benjamin Benirschke

100% renewable energy and poverty reduction in Tanzania

April 26, 2016/by World Future Council

Recognising and Implementing the Rights of Future Generations – Opportunities for Sri Lanka

April 22, 2016/by World Future Council

Inclusive Education and ICT for All – Side event at the 31st Human Rights Council

March 9, 2016/by World Future Council

Driving Regional Cooperation for Renewables in the European Union

March 31, 2016/by Alexandra Schiffmann

The City We Need is a Regenerative City

March 8, 2016/by World Future Council

Fifth Zero Project Conference in Vienna

February 15, 2016/by World Future Council

The Existential Threat of Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons: The Marshall Islands and action ...

November 17, 2015/by World Future Council

Congress on Energy Transformation

November 11, 2015/by World Future Council

PICUM Working Group on Access to Justice for Undocumented Women

November 10, 2015/by World Future Council

3rd World Conference of Women’s Shelters

November 6, 2015/by World Future Council

Promoting, Protecting and Realising the Rights of Children: A Matter of Political Will

October 22, 2015/by World Future Council

Regenerative Urban Development: The New Urban Agenda

October 21, 2015/by World Future Council