The 13th IRENA General Assembly

The 13th IRENA General Assembly

The World Future Council´s Energy and Just Development Team took part in the 13th  IRENA Assembly in January 2023. The focus this year was “World Energy Transition – The Global Stocktake”. In contrast to the COP meetings where the energy transition is a part of the climate change discussion, the IRENA General Assembly is focused more directly on renewable energy and the energy transition.

The event brought together stakeholders from across the energy sector and across the globe to focus on elements of the transition such as gender inclusion, just development, energy access, and climate finance. Discussions ranged from the global policy level to more local solutions and challenges with global implications, such as were discussed within the context of Small Island Developing States.

The potential for gender inclusion and the framework and policies needed for a just transition in the energy sector were discussed in a plenary debate session. Upskilling, job development, and community development opportunities were just a few of the positive actions that will help move the energy transition toward being a just transition.

Obviously, ensuring that nobody is left behind in the energy transition is going to depend on climate finance. The IRENA discussions included important debates regarding the facilities, private and public funding, and investing vs lending as key topics. Importantly, the general consensus seemed to agree that the energy transition is coupled intrinsically to development, which is an important aspect ensuring a just transition for all.

Lastly, the World Future Council will continue to be part of the IRENA Coalition for Action. Lena Dente was elected to represent the WFC on the Steering Committee. This Coalition works in collaboration with other energy transition organizations from across the globe to advise IRENA and to help shape the public dialogue on renewable energy.

Picture of Rabia Ferroukhi, Director, Knowledge, Policy and Finance Centre, IRENA