Sacrificing Tomorrow Today – A poem by Prof. Herbert Girardet

Our co-founder Prof. Herbert Girardet expressed the efforts and visions of our work in an unusual way with his poem

Press Release: World experts on Hazardous Chemicals form Jury of Future Policy Award 2021

On today’s World Consumers Day, the World Future Council announces the names of experts forming the jury of the Future Policy Award 2021.

A Global Call for our Right to a Healthy Environment

The right to a healthy environment is constitutionally protected in over 100 countries. Another 62 countries refer in their constitutions to a healthy environment, but do not make it a right.

Solar home systems example

What are Solar Home Systems?

Imagine you live in a house with no access to the energy grid. How to get access to basic functions? Solar Home Systems can be a solution.

Forward Thinkers Home Tile

Press Release: Forward Thinker Webinar Series launches

World Future Council to share its expertise in 2021 webinar series to address ecosystem loss, the food crisis, the rights of children and youth, and other urgent challenges.

Forward Thinkers Webinar Forests recovery solutions

Webinar: Covid-19 – Forests offering solutions to recovery

Our webinar will highlight the significant role forests play for the health of people, animals, and the environment.

Forward thinkers webinar protect children in africa during pandemic

Webinar: Protecting children in Africa from (sexual) violence during the pandemic

Children’s exposure to violence has been increased by the pandemic. This webinar explores tools to protect children in Africa.

Hamburgo, Chile y Covid-19: Desafíos en tiempos de pandemia

Continúa nuestra serie de artículos “¿Cómo viven los jóvenes la pandemia? Anna nos cuenta cuáles son los retos en tiempos de Covid-19 en Hamburgo y en Chile. ¿Cuáles son las diferencias? ¿Qué papel desempeñan los jóvenes?

Abolish nuclear weapons joint statement WFC RLA

Press Release Joint Statement Call for the abolition of nuclear weapons to assure a sustainable future

In a joint statement released today, 57 members of the World Future Council and recipients of the Right Livelihood Award called on governments to take action on nuclear risk reduction and disarmament in order to assure a sustainable future.

What is just transition?

The term just transition is on everybody’s lips. But what does it actually mean?