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Advancing the child protection system in Ghana: One-Stop-Centers for survivors of child violence

World Future Council’s consultant on child protection Ramana Shareef travels to Ghana to further advance the One-Stop-Centre model with key stakeholders.

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Advancing the child protection system in Ghana: One-Stop-Centers for survivors of child violence

July 12, 2021/by Anna_Media

Future Policy Award Winners announced

June 29, 2021/by Miriam Petersen

Farm Okukuna: World Future Council hands over to the City of Windhoek

June 25, 2021/by Miriam Petersen

Future Policy Award 2021: Shortlisted candidates announced

May 27, 2021/by Miriam Petersen

Press Release: Presidents Biden and Putin urged to adopt nuclear no-first-use policies

June 16, 2021/by Anna_Media

Press Release: World experts on Hazardous Chemicals form Jury of Future Policy Award 2021

March 15, 2021/by Anna_Media

Press Release: Forward Thinker Webinar Series launches

February 25, 2021/by Anna_Media

Abolish nuclear weapons to assure a sustainable future

January 18, 2021/by Miriam Petersen

New Study: Current policy frameworks hinder expansion of renewable energies worldwide and undermine climate ...

December 18, 2020/by Anna_Media

Press Release: Leading Renewable Players Urge Governments to Re-align Recovery Measures with Paris Agreement

December 7, 2020/by Anna_Media

On the occasion of World Children’s Day, the Word Future Council demands: Protect ...

November 19, 2020/by Anna_Media

Media Release: World Future Council calls to end devastating fighting in Ethiopia

November 16, 2020/by Anna_Media

Nominations for the Future Policy Award 2021

November 10, 2020/by Miriam Petersen

Press Release: WFC goes Youth:Present

October 21, 2020/by Anna_Media

World Food day 2020

October 16, 2020/by Miriam Petersen

Two Civil Society Voices to Speak in UN High Level Meeting on Nuclear Disarmament ...

October 2, 2020/by Anna_Media

UN Biodiversity summit WFC calls for immediate action

September 29, 2020/by Miriam Petersen

The first Voices Youth Award goes to World Future Council Youth Ambassador, Kehkashan Basu

August 6, 2020/by Anna_Media