Future Policy Award 2019: Empowering Youth Overview

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Press Release: Champions in empowering young people: Shortlist of Future Policy Award 2019 out now

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67 policies from 36 countries for Future Policy Award received

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Exemplary policies that empower young people: Nominations are open!

Press Release: Empowering Youth

Impactful policies in empowering young people: Shortlist out now! 

In spring 2019, a call for nominations was sent to over 10.000 experts active on youth empowerment. We received 67 policies from 36 countries across the globe, reflecting a wide range of youth lawmaking and policy approaches. 28 policies were fully evaluated by our research team and in that process the team was engaged with almost 120 experts to discuss the eligibility of the policies for the Award.

On 27th August 2019, an independent high-level jury composed of 11 renowned experts in the fields of youth empowerment and UN Agenda 2030 decided on the winning policies.

The following have been shortlisted as the most impactful policies in empowering young people:

  • Estonia: Youth Field Development Plan
  • Europe: Co-Management of the Youth Sector of the Council of Europe
  • Nepal: Constitution
  • Rwanda: YouthConnekt Initiative
  • United Kingdom, Scotland: Developing the Young Workforce
  • Senegal: National Strategy for the Promotion of Green Jobs
  • South Africa: Expanded Public Works Programme
  • United States, Los Angeles: Los Angeles’ Green New Deal

With their holistic approach and impressive impact, these eight legal frameworks and policies create enabling environments for youth empowerment, help achieve the ambitions of the 2030 Agenda and contribute directly to multiple Sustainable Development Goals. They advance youth access to decent and sustainable jobs and enhance their civic and political participation for sustainable development and peace.

Winners of this year’s Future Policy Award will be announced on 15th October 2019 and celebrated during the 141st Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union held on 16th October 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia.

You are warmly invited to join the Future Policy Award 2019 Ceremony via webcast.

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