World Future Forum:
17th Annual General Meeting

  • When?

    24-28 April 2024

  • Where?

    Sekem, Egypt

Safeguarding the Rights of Future Generations and Nature – this is the underlying approach of the upcoming 17th Annual General Assembly of the World Future Council, which will take place from ther 24th unftil the 28th opf April in Sekem, Egypt.

By recognizing the intrinsic value of both human and ecological well-being, we ensure that our actions today do not compromise the opportunities and resources available to those who will inherit the Earth tomorrow. This entails fostering an environment where future generations can thrive, free from the burdens of environmental degradation, social injustice, and economic inequality. It requires us to adopt policies and practices that prioritize conservation, equitable resource allocation, and intergenerational justice. Embracing this responsibility not only honors the rights of those yet to come but also acknowledges our interconnectedness with the natural world, reinforcing the need for stewardship and respect for all life forms.

For five days, the Council will gather to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and discuss plans for the future. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow members, engage in meaningful conversations, and contribute to further development of the World Future Council.

We truly value everybodys presence and insights, as together we strive to create a just, sustainable and peaceful future.