World Future Council celebrates 5th anniversary

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Foundation boasts impressive track record

Hamburg, 8 May 2012. Five years ago, on May 10th 2007, 50 respected personalities from around the world convened in Hamburg, Germany for the founding congress of the World Future Council (WFC). Since then, much has been achieved, as WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull pointed out today in Hamburg: “The WFC has lived up to its mission to provide a voice for future generations. We have been working closely with decision-makers and parliamentarians, and successfully helping to implement sustainable policies.” The donor-funded foundation is now regarded as an important advisory body for decisions-makers on climate and energy, sustainable economy and future justice.

The Councillors are united by the vision of creating a sustainable, just and peaceful world. Supported by a staff of 25, they work for this vision to come true. The members of the Council and Honorary Council include the Indian scientist Dr. Vandana Shiva, U.S. actress Daryl Hannah, the British chimpanzee researcher Dr. Jane Goodall, María Fernanda Espinosa, Minister of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Ecuador, the Egyptian eco-entrepreneur Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish and the German nuclear physicist Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr.

Considered a key reference for effective policies to promote renewable energies, the WFC advises governments and organisations such as the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN-Habitat. In its Future Justice work, the WFC concentrates on the improvement of the institutional framework for sustainable development. Ahead of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Rio +20 – in June 2012, the WFC is working to promote Ombudspersons for future generations both nationally and internationally. The idea is already supported by many governments and leading civil society organisations and is included in the Zero Draft of the Rio +20 closing statement.

The Council’s unique Future Policy Award is given annually to best policies in a certain area. Referring to the Award, Jakob von Uexkull said: “Within a few years this prize has gained such high prestige that we have won over the UN, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Global Environment Facility as partners for this year’s ceremony.” The Future Policy Award 2012 will be celebrate best policies for the protection of oceans and coasts. The winners will be announced in September at UN headquarters in New York.

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The World Future Council brings the interests of future generations to the centre of policy-making. Its 50 eminent members from around the globe have already successfully promoted change. The Council addresses challenges to our common future and provides decision makers with effective policy solutions. The World Future Council is registered as a charitable foundation in Hamburg, Germany.