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Germany could burn more coal despite capacity reduction

Germany shutting down the last of its nuclear power plants by 2022 could force the country to use more coal power […] According to the World Future Council, power production from coal could rise 16 percent to deliver the baseload power previously provided by nuclear plants.

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Shopping and Sustainability: Erasmus+ project to raise awareness in young people

May 17, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

Financing 100% Renewable Energy in CVF Countries with G20 central banks approved ‘Green Climate Bonds’

April 28, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

UN Human Rights Council: Skills development and economic empowerment for all

April 10, 2017/by Miriam Petersen


April 3, 2017/by Annette Diegel

The Bregenz Declaration – A Call to our Collective Consciousness

April 2, 2017/by Annette Diegel

Sufficient, healthy food for all – new handbook

March 13, 2017/by Annette Diegel
WFC Ratsmitglieder und Mitarbeiter bei der 7. Jahresversammlung in Bonn

10th World Future Forum: in 2017 the World Future Council convenes in Bregenz

March 2, 2017/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Empowering youth and protecting child rights: Zanzibar’s Children’s Act

February 8, 2017/by Annette Diegel
Alfonso García Robles signing the Treaty of Tlatelolco on behalf of Mexico 14 February 1967, Mexico City

As the Tlatelolco Treaty turns 50 it shows no signs of losing its relevance

February 8, 2017/by Annette Diegel

World Future Council mourns death of founding member and Honorary Councillor Sir James R. ...

January 13, 2017/by Annette Diegel
Zanzibar's Children's Act

WFC’s Rights of Children team explores Zanzibar’s Children’s Act

January 13, 2017/by Annette Diegel

The best way to honour Judge Weeramantry is by learning from and using his ...

January 10, 2017/by Alexandra Schiffmann
Judge C.G. Weeramantry

World Future Council mourns death of founding member and Honorary Councillor Judge Weeramantry

January 6, 2017/by Annette Diegel
MA students, with course director Dr Rama Mani, musician Paul Grant, UNOG Library and WFC staff

“The Transformative Power of Justice”: A Creative Tribute on UN Human Rights Day

January 5, 2017/by Annette Diegel
Refugee children

New report: Exemplary practices to protect refugee women and girls in the EU

December 16, 2016/by Annette Diegel

A Conversation with Kehkashan Basu and Pauline Tangiora

June 28, 2016/by Alexandra Schiffmann

COP13: Costa Rica and the Benefits of Prosperity Sharing

December 2, 2016/by World Future Council

After COP22, Morocco to implement 100% RE

November 21, 2016/by World Future Council