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On the path to regenerative cities

September 29, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

Stefan Schurig is leaving the World Future Council

September 19, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

Climate Action – even without the US!

July 28, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

Bringing Europe closer to its citizens

June 19, 2017/by Annette Diegel

WFC Charity Concert in Berlin

June 19, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

New report: Exemplary practices to protect refugee women and girls in the EU

December 16, 2016/by Annette Diegel

‘Alternative Nobel’ and World Future Council Mourn Egypt’s Sustainable Development Trailblazer

June 15, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

100% RE and SDGs

June 6, 2017/by Annette Diegel

The climate cost of 100% renewable energy

June 6, 2017/by Annette Diegel

Shopping and Sustainability: Erasmus+ project to raise awareness in young people

May 17, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

Financing 100% Renewable Energy in CVF Countries with G20 central banks approved ‘Green Climate Bonds’

April 28, 2017/by Miriam Petersen

UN Human Rights Council: Skills development and economic empowerment for all

April 10, 2017/by Miriam Petersen


April 3, 2017/by Annette Diegel

The Bregenz Declaration – A Call to our Collective Consciousness

April 2, 2017/by Annette Diegel

Sufficient, healthy food for all – new handbook

March 13, 2017/by Annette Diegel

10th World Future Forum: in 2017 the World Future Council convenes in Bregenz

March 2, 2017/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Empowering youth and protecting child rights: Zanzibar’s Children’s Act

February 8, 2017/by Annette Diegel

As the Tlatelolco Treaty turns 50 it shows no signs of losing its relevance

February 8, 2017/by Annette Diegel