World Future Council welcomes Founding of International Renewable Energy Agency: IRENA will speed up Global Implementation of Renewables

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Hamburg, 26.01.09: “The World Future Council (WFC) has actively supported the creation of IRENA since the WFC was founded in 2007,” says Bianca Jagger, chair of the WFC. As an ardent supporter of IRENA, the German government had invited Ms Jagger to give a keynote speech at the preparatory meeting in April 2008. She is also present at the two-day founding conference in Bonn, Germany, starting today. “IRENA will constitute an independent driving force behind renewable energy and help to create a level playing field for the development of renewables in the Global South,” she said.

“With IRENA, we finally have an effective counterpart to the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which support fossil and nuclear power. IRENA will ensure that from now on, renewable energies receive the same global support.” says WFC Director of Programmes Herbert Girardet.

The Hamburg-based WFC consults decision makers and legislators around the world about best policies in the interest of future generations. One core theme is the proliferation of renewable energy. “IRENA closes a gap on the international policy level,” says Girardet. “If governments around the globe want to introduce renewable energy legislation, or implement new projects and technologies, they now finally have an internationally active partner who will support them.”

IRENA’s creation resulted from an initiative of WFC councillor and member of the German parliament Hermann Scheer. Scheer has been lobbying for IRENA as president of the European Association for Renewable Energy since 1990. “To achieve global results, you have to think globally, communicate globally and act globally,” Girardet said. “Hermann Scheer has managed to garner support for IRENA from over 50 governments with the WFC supporting his efforts during numerous international conferences. The speedy implementation of renewable energies around the globe is vital in preventing the worst consequences of climate change. IRENA will become a key tool in supporting this effort.”

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