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Future Policy Award 2020

Celebrating laws and policies protecting from hazardous chemical

24th June 2020


Webinar Series: Sustainable Chemistry for Sustainable Development Opportunities and Challenges

UN2020: Enhancing peace, disarmament and the role of women

24th June 2020, 17.00-19.00


Organised by WFC, PNND and Women Legislators’ Lobby

Green Deal: The Role of Renewable Energy in Costa Rica

On 30th June 2020 at 10am Costa Rica time (6pm CEST), the World Future Council and La Ruta del Clima launch their latest research on 100% renewable energy for Costa Rica. The webinar “Green Deal: The role of Renewable Energy in Costa Rica” (in Spanish) will be organised together with Paola Vega, Member of the national Legislative Assembly Costa Rica. We invite you to jointly discuss the opportunities to increase ambition on the use of renewable energy and the benefits it can bring to Costa Rica and learnings from the European experience. 


  • Paola Vega, Member of national Legislative Assembly, Costa Rica 
  • Anna Cavazzini, Member of European Parliament 
  • María Brenes Quesada, Director of Development and Corporate Relations of the National Stock Exchange 
  • Adrían Martinez Blanco, Director, La Ruta del Clima 
  • Eduardo Noboa, Senior Programme Manager, World Future Council 

In Costa Rica, decarbonization is a common goal and the country has made significant achievements in the generation of electricity from almost 100% renewables sources. However, this is not the case regarding its energy matrix that generates approximately 80% of the total greenhouse gases of the country. This represents a challenge for the decarbonization process but also an opportunity for the development of renewable energy. 

In this event, we will also be presenting the report: Escenario: 100% Renewable Energy for Costa Rica (available in English and Spanish). This in-depth study looks into Costa Rica´s potential for renewable energy development and the benefits it could generate. This report proposes a route for the increase of ambition on the decarbonization process.

Parliamentarians and the UN Disarmament Agenda

1st July 2020, 9.00-11.00

invitation only

Organised by Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Parliamentarians for Global ActionParliamentary Forum on Small Arms and Light WeaponsGeneva Centre for Security Policy and World Future Council.


Why 100%RE is Key to Sustainable Development?

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