Anthony Colman

Dr Anthony (Tony) Colman

Climate Scientist on the interface between the UNFCCC and the Built Environment, based at the  Centre for Natural Material Innovation (CNMI), Cambridge University and Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, UEA,UK; NED Africa Practice; Former UK MP .Founder Cllr WFC 2008- 

Dr Anthony Colman was Member of the UK Parliament and UK delegate to the IPU,1997-2005, and remains connected into UK and International Politics.

Before that he was Leader of the London Borough of Merton and led for the UK on the UN Local Agenda 21, As co founder of Top Shop and Director of the Burton Group 1969-90, he enjoyed a successful career in business. He has served as NED of Africa Practice since 2005.

His Doctorate (UEA 2013) is on the barriers to access to drinking water. He hopes the UN 2023 Water Conference will push politicians to at last deliver on SDG Six. He served as Adjunct Senior Research Scientist, Earth Institute and the Columbia Water Center, Columbia University 2012-19 and Visiting Research Fellow, University of Cape Town 2014-22 working in the field of agro-ecology leading to the publication of the OUP HB on Food , Water and Society (2019) and involvement in the progress of the UNFCCC Koronivia Agenda.

He is currently based at the Cambridge University Centre for Natural Material Innovation in the Department of Architecture (since 2020) and the UEA Tyndall Centre (and with Stellenbosch University and University of Queensland colleagues). He was Tyndall Observer to the UNFCCC SB56 in June 2022 and COP27 in November 2022, working on Article Six. He specializes on the issues surrounding the 40% of world carbon emissions that come from the built environment, and the movement to Nature Based Solutions, that are negative carbon and qualify as carbon credits. His current work involves the potential leadership of Australia at COP30/31.

He is a founder Councillor of WFC and  has worked  on WFC Commissions since 2008, including Chairing the Future Finance Commission 2008-16, with its successful advocacy of issuance of IMF SDR.

He is a Councillor of the World Future Council.

Watch a video where Tony talks about the WFC here.