Statement of Transparency

The World Future Council Foundation is an independent charitable foundation that researches, identifies and spreads policy solutions that contribute to sustainable global development.

As a Foundation we are dependent on donations and we therefore place great importance on the responsible handling of donations. Hence, we invest the vast amount of it directly into our project work and policy research. All expenditures of the Foundation are spent effectively and efficiently and in line with our statutory goals.

To guarantee the highest possible degree of transparency and ensure that the Foundation’s accounts meet the legal requirements, we are annually audited by an independent auditing company in accordance with German commercial law and the supplementary provisions of the charter.

The vast amount of donations goes directly into the project-work. Together with the funds for policy research it makes up to 75 per cent of the overall expenditures.

As with all our data, we take data protection in the donation process very seriously. We collect and retain only such personal information as you choose to provide us. All such information is stored securely and will not be made public, sold, rented or likewise distributed. Please read our full Privacy Policy here.

Please read our FAQ page and your questions might be answered.


Our annual reports give you an insight into our international work and our achievements.

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