A One-Stop-Centre typically refers to a facility or organization that provides a comprehensive range of services and support for children who have experienced abuse, exploitation, or other forms of violence. These centers aim to streamline and coordinate various services in one location to ensure a child-friendly, accessible, and supportive environment.

The purposes of One-Stop-Centres for children include:

  1. Holistic Support: These centers offer a range of services such as medical care, counseling, legal assistance, and psychosocial support, ensuring that a child receives comprehensive care to address physical, emotional, and legal needs.
  2. Coordination of Services: By centralizing services, One-Stop-Centres aim to improve coordination among different agencies and professionals involved in child protection. This can help avoid duplication of efforts and ensure a more effective and streamlined response.
  3. Child-Friendly Environment: These centers are designed to be child-friendly, with the goal of creating a safe and supportive space where children feel comfortable and can openly share their experiences.
  4. Efficient Reporting and Documentation: One-Stop-Centres often facilitate the reporting and documentation of child abuse cases. This can be crucial for legal proceedings and follow-up interventions.
  5. Prevention and Awareness: In addition to responding to cases of abuse, these centers may engage in community outreach, education, and awareness programs to prevent child abuse and promote child rights.
  6. Legal Assistance: One-Stop-Centres may provide legal aid and assistance to ensure that the rights of the child are protected and that appropriate legal actions are taken against perpetrators.
  7. Capacity Building: These centers may engage in training and capacity-building activities for professionals, caregivers, and community members to enhance their understanding of child protection issues and improve their ability to respond effectively.

Gold Award: Zanzibar’s Child Protection Act

Zanzibar’s “Child Protection Act” won our Future Policy Gold Award for their outstanding model of institutional child protection: the One-Stop Centre.

Ghana: One-Stop Centers for Survivors of child violence

World Future Council’s consultant on child protection Ramana Shareef traveled to Ghana to further advance the One-Stop-Centre model with key stakeholders.

Webinar: Protecting children in Africa from sexual violence

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2021, we discussed the surge of physical and sexual violence against women, girls and their children. Children’s exposure to increased protection risks has been heightened by the global COVID-19 pandemic in Africa and worldwide. The focus lied on proven solutions for child protection measures in the African context and  the potential of the One Stop Centre model.