Media Statement: World Future Council condemns acts of aggression and calls for restoration of peace and international law

Media Statement: World Future Council condemns acts of aggression and calls for restoration of peace and international law

24th of February 2022 – The World Future Council condemns the Russian military action against Ukraine as an act of aggression that is clearly in violation of international law. Regardless of any grievances and unresolved conflicts that Russia may have with Ukraine and the United States/NATO,  the threat or use of force to resolve such conflicts is prohibited under Article 2 of the UN Charter. President Putin, in ordering military attacks against Ukraine, has committed a Crime Against Peace for which he is personally accountable as Head of State.

President Putin’s acts are catapulting Russia and Ukraine into an armed conflict that, if not stopped, will lead to catastrophic suffering of both combatants and civilians in Ukraine, place Russia at risk of counter attack which will cause suffering to Russian people many of whom oppose President Putin’s illegal actions, and could escalate to a broader regional war threatening peace and security in the world and elevating the risk of nuclear war.

War has no place in the 21st century when humanity already needs to address so many pressing issues such as climate change and implementing the SDGs.

We regret that better use was not made of diplomacy, mediation and common security mechanisms earlier in the conflict to address and resolve historical grievances. We call now on the international community to use all non-military means possible, including those outlined in Articles 33 – 41 of the UN Charter, to contain and reverse the invasion of Ukraine, and to hold President Putin criminally responsible for the act of aggression, along with other Russian officials who are complicit.

We stand in support of the people of Ukraine, Russia, Europe and the world who do not want war, who do not support the incendiary rhetoric and disinformation campaigns that have polarised relations between and within nations, who support dialogue and conflict resolution, who want to establish a sustainable peace for current and future generations, and who aspire for a world where governments no longer prepare for war with massive military spending but focus these resources instead on meeting human security needs like climate protection, public health and ending poverty

Alyn Ware
Councillor, World Future Council
Co-Chair, World Future Council, Peace and Disarmament Commission
Ph: +420 773 638 867

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