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Solutions Scaling up Agroecology: We are now Collaborator of the PANORAMA platform

We proudly joined the PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet initiative by UNEP, UNDP, GIZ, IFOAM – Organics International, IUCN and Rare, as new collaborator.

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Legislators highlight urgent need to preserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems in Mesoamerica

September 20, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Nuclear power expansion plans condemned

July 16, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Future Policy Award 2010 winners announced

October 25, 2010/by Benjamin Benirschke

World Future Council launches website on exemplary agriculture and food policies

October 14, 2010/by Benjamin Benirschke

MEPs criticise lack of long-term vision

September 15, 2010/by Benjamin Benirschke

The Future Policy Award was celebrated for the first time

October 1, 2009/by World Future Council

Dinner speech at the conference toward the establishment of an International Renewable Energy Agency (...

April 10, 2008/by World Future Council

The Hamburg Call to Action

May 9, 2007/by Annette Diegel

The Future Starts This Week in Hamburg

May 7, 2007/by Annette Diegel

World Future Council to be launched 2007 in Hamburg

May 1, 2007/by Annette Diegel

Drumming for a Sustainable Future

February 27, 2007/by Annette Diegel

Organic farming solutions

October 21, 2012/by World Future Council

How does the global food system contribute to climate change?

October 21, 2012/by World Future Council

How does agriculture contribute to climate change?

October 21, 2012/by World Future Council

Support for local food

June 21, 2012/by World Future Council

Policy Concepts: How to mitigate climate change in the agriculture and food sector

January 21, 2012/by World Future Council

Recent political momentum

February 1, 2011/by World Future Council