Daniel Dahm

Dr J. Daniel Dahm

Founder, Managing Director of the United Sustainability Group

In addition to his role as a council member of the World Future Council, Daniel is an advisor to the DIN Standards Committee for Finance (NaFin), an advisor to the Anthropocene Forum in Austria, and an advisor to the Hamburg Climate Week. He is a member of the Club of Rome Germany, a member of the Association of German Scientists (VDW), a member of Scientists for Future, a member of the Scientific Committee of the Colloqui di Martina Franca in Italy, and a Fellow for Responsible Leadership of the BMW Foundation.

As the founder of the United Sustainability Group, he focuses on establishing a regenerative economy and aims to build and restore planetary ecosystems and the infrastructural and natural foundations of life through strategic (impact) investments.
As an initiator and co-founder, he has launched various companies, civil society organizations and foundations since the 2000s, including the internet portal Utopia.de and the Utopia Foundation in 2007, the Ecosocial Forum Germany ÖSF in 2008, the Desertec Foundation in 2009, the “goodgoods” as the first international trade fair for sustainable consumer goods with the HMC Hamburg Messe u. Congress in 2011, and the first international trade fair for sustainable design “ecostyle” with the Frankfurt Messe in 2013.

He has had an outstanding scientific career, has worked as a scientist and academic lecturer in various senior positions at universities and international research institutions, including being appointed by the Natural History Museum (London) in 2006 as a Research Fellow for Science in Innovation of the Darwin Initiative in the UK Biodiversity Program of the Royal Society of Science. He is also a fellow at the Research Institute for Sustainability RIfS of the Helmholtz Association (formerly the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies IASS), was director and head of research at the European Centre for Sustainability Research ECS at Zeppelin University, and scientific director of the Ethical-Ecological Rating research group at Goethe University Frankfurt. Before that, he was head of research at the Institute for Household and Consumer Economics at the University of Hohenheim and a long-time scientist at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy.
In 2000, he received the Schweisfurth Research Prize for Ecological Economics from the Association for Ecological Economics VÖÖ.
Daniel has published over 60 scientific articles, monographs and book contributions and lives in Berlin with his wife and two daughters.

Daniel Dahm is a council member of the World Future Council.