Our new Youth Forum: WFC goes Youth:Present

The WFC Commission on the Rights of Children and Youth is excited to announce the establishment of a global youth forum, called Youth:Present.  

Youth Present Logo blue white

What is Youth:Present?

The forum seeks to connect youth worldwide to discuss and present innovative solutions to our many global problems together, throughout the year. It is open for participation by anyone who is between 8 to 25 years and seeks to be as diverse, representative and inclusive as possible, reflecting voices of young people from different parts of the world!

This is important because we strongly believe that their varied experiences will enrich the discussions about solutions for a common future for all of us. Forum members will elect two representatives, who will participate at our Annual General Meeting with our councillors. Future activities can be decided upon by the young people of which the forum is comprised, and can involve webinars, podcasts, publications, and also their own global symposium. The opportunities are endless!  

Who can participate?

We are now looking for young people to join the forum, who are active within their community (regionally or nationally, and, if possible, internationally), in alignment with the values of the World Future Council. “Active” can mean activism to the benefit of society and nature, according to their means, which inspires others to join, such as by debating regionally, nationally, or internationally on key themes of the WFC and/or the UNworking towards a healthy and sustainable planet with just and peaceful societies; and fundraising for regional, national or international humanitarian causes.

Become part of the  Youth:Present community!