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Because Solutions Exist

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Our Mission

Future generations are close to our hearts. That’s why we at the World Future Council are committed to a healthy and sustainable planet with just and peaceful societies – now and in the future. To achieve this, we find and disseminate effective solutions for climate protection, child protection, sustainable ecosystems and much more.


We are convinced that effective solutions for our common future already exist. And we want more  people to know about them.

Exchange & Curiosity

Learning from each other, looking ahead: This is what we focus on in our projects.

Knowledge & Experience

Our Council, consisting of active forward thinkers from around the world, inspires and guides our work.

Active & Diverse

The challenges of our time are complex – that’s why our areas of work are so diverse.


The challenges of our time cannot be solved on their own; they are closely interlinked. That is why solutions must also be thought of in a cross-cutting way. We work holistically, networked and in partnership, currently in the following areas of work:

How does the World Future Council work?

Who is who at the World Future Council? How does the Council and the Honorary Council work? Learn all about our bodies, and how they work together.

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Future Policy Award
An “Oscar” for the best policies

Good policies deserve a stage. Since 2009, we have been searching for the best legal frameworks and honoring them with the Future Policy Award – each time on a different theme. In this way, we want to help spread the word about them.

Our Work has Impact


groundbreaking laws and policy examples from 40 countries were honoured with our Future Policy Award – gaining international recognition.


Delegates and decision-makers learned how to improve child protection policies at our conference.


parliamentary workshops and topic-related webinars on effective solutions we have organised.

The People behind the World Future Council

Jane Goodall World Future Council

“Change is possible when people listen
and engage in dialogue. That's why it's so important
to keep talking about solutions. I am convinced that
the World Future Council is going down the right path
to achieve lasting change for a better future.“

Jane Goodall

WFC Honorary Councillor,
founder of the Jane Goodall Institute,
UN Ambassador for Peace

Jakob von Uexkull World Future Council

“There is no need to re-invent the wheel –
political sustainable solutions for the
key challenges of our time already exist.“

Jakob von Uexkull

Founder of the World Future Council
known for launching the Alternative Nobel Prize,

Hafsat Abiola Costello World Future Council

“In a world hurtling through crises, with people
daily giving up hope, the World Future Council
is so important because it is one of the few platforms
that bring solutions to key challenges into focus.“

Hafsat Abiola-Costello

Councillor of the World Future Council
Executive President of Women in Africa Initiative (WIA)

Maria Endorsement

“Good, sustainable policies are the powerful levers
we need to address the pressing and complex
challenges of the day. This is where the WFC
comes in, and this is what makes its work so valuable.“

Maria Fernanda Espinosa

WFC Councillor, former Foreign Minister of Ecuador
and President of the 73rd UN General Assembly

Neshan Gunasekera World Future Council

“Rebuilding trust with our Earth is at the heart
of our collaborative efforts at the World Future Council.
It’s been an inspired regenerative journey“

Neshan Gunasekera

Councillor of the World Future Council,
International Lawyer and Educationist

Raina Ivanova World Future Council

“Climate crisis also means child- and human rights crisis.
For this reason, I advocate for socially just climate protection
that is fit for the future, and considers the intersections
to other crises. Only then can we preserve our planet
for current and future generations“

Raina Ivanova

Youth:Present Representative
Youth Climate Activist

Alyn Ware Endorsement

“We have inherited this world and our societies
from previous generations. We are trustees of it
for future generations. World Future Council
advances policies to protect this future“

Alyn Ware

Councillor of the World Future Council
Peace Activist

Julius Brede World Future Council

“We should be aware of our own responsibility
and take action. The WFC bundles forces
and enables me to do just that - for the planet,
for others and for myself.“

Julius Brede

Media & Communications Manager
World Future Council