Sälma El-Gamal

Sälma El-Gamal

Project Manager Global Renewables Congress

Sälma El-Gamal joined the World Future Council in July 2022 as Project Manager for the Global Renewables Congress.

Prior to the World Future Council, she was part of IRENA’s Youth and Parliamentary Engagement Team, where she was appointed the Rapporteur of the Third IRENA Youth Forum to the 12th IRENA Assembly.

She was also a panelist at the Y4S Forum held during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022, where she discussed youth involvement in climate negotiations and their role in climate solutions.

Whilst studying, Sälma worked at UNODC in the Corruption and Economic Crime Unit in Vienna, Austria. During a 6-week fellowship in Jakarta, Indonesia, she researched the development of the political system and hosted bi-weekly events to present and discuss the research outcome.

Sälma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, a Master’s degree in Public Management and a second Master’s degree in Political Science.