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We send season’s greetings

In this year’s Christmas greeting, we would like to share some of our achievements in 2022 with you. It is only with your support that we can continue our work for future generations. We ask you to contribute to the future and to make another donation to the WFC in 2023. At the same time, we thank you for your great support this year.

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Conference on the Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons

January 20, 2014/by World Future Council

Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and members of the World Future Council from ...

November 10, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Treaty of Tlatelolco Wins Future Policy Award

October 23, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

World Food Day: Windhoek is looking for long-term food security solutions as drought crisis ...

October 15, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Seven policies contend for international award: Shortlist reflects successful disarmament efforts worldwide

October 7, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Legislators highlight urgent need to preserve biodiversity and marine ecosystems in Mesoamerica

September 20, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Nuclear power expansion plans condemned

July 16, 2013/by Alexandra Schiffmann

Future Policy Award 2010 winners announced

October 25, 2010/by Anna_Media

World Future Council launches website on exemplary agriculture and food policies

October 14, 2010/by Anna_Media

MEPs criticise lack of long-term vision

September 15, 2010/by Anna_Media

The Future Policy Award was celebrated for the first time

October 1, 2009/by World Future Council

Dinner speech at the conference toward the establishment of an International Renewable Energy Agency (...

April 10, 2008/by World Future Council

The Hamburg Call to Action

May 9, 2007/by Annette Diegel

The Future Starts This Week in Hamburg

May 7, 2007/by Annette Diegel

World Future Council to be launched 2007 in Hamburg

May 1, 2007/by Annette Diegel

Drumming for a Sustainable Future

February 27, 2007/by Annette Diegel

Organic farming solutions

October 21, 2012/by World Future Council

How does the global food system contribute to climate change?

October 21, 2012/by World Future Council