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Raina Ivanova in ALVERDE Magazine

raina yout present

In the end of last year, Raina discussed ways to resolve the climate crisis with a professor of philosophy and economy for the magazine alverde of the German drugstore-chain dm.

She highlighted the importance of coming together as a society to tackle the many issues we are facing through the climate crisis. Dialogue between the younger and older generation is essential to find common solutions and youth participation is key for a sustainable way forward.

Patricia Kombo: Plastic waste is poisoning food and communities across Africa


Growing evidence indicates that as global plastic production escalates, Africa is disproportionately impacted by exposure to plastic’s toxic chemicals and waste which at the end contaminate our food chain and communities.

This is most evident as lab analysis testing for the world’s worst toxic chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs), reveal high levels of POPs substances such as dioxin in African communities where plastic waste is dumped.