World Future Council presents Report on Common Future at Parliament of World Religions

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Melbourne/Hamburg, December 7, 2009: At the Parliament of the World Religions in Melbourne, attended by over three thousand delegates, Judge Weeramantry, former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and Councillor with the World Future Council, presented today a new report describing how religious wisdom can fertilize global relations. In the book, titled ‘Tread Lightly On The Earth: Religion, the Environment and the Human Future’, Weeramantry identifies common principles of the great religions on the environment and our common future.

Judge Weeramantry said: ‘We are on the verge of destroying the environment and the human future. This study distils the wisdom of Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. The common core of teachings of all religions regarding our duties to the environment and to future generations is a reservoir of enriching wisdom.’

The report addresses one of the greatest paradoxes of our time. While humanity faces the severest threat to its survival since its evolution it neglects the richest reservoir of environmental wisdom available to it. The report builds a powerful bridge between the past and the present, between the religions and the secular, and between the world’s different cultures. It is a vital step forward towards protecting the rights of the future against the depredations of the present. It can make a significant impact on the way we regard and address the problems that threaten the very existence of humanity.

Jakob von Uexkull, Founder of the World Future Council, comments: ‘This study can help build peace and radically transform global relations. It should be read at all levels from the schoolroom to the corridors of power.’

Judge Weeramantry’s book on the subject, titled ‘Tread Lightly on the Earth: Religion, the Environment and the Human Future’ is a report for the World Future Council. It is listed as ISBN 978-955-658-190-4 and available for direct purchase at The report carries a foreword from the former President of the International Court, Judge Stephen Schwebel.

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About Judge Weeramantry

Judge C. G. Weeramantry is former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice and Founding Councillor of the World Future Council. He is a lawyer, legal educator, domestic judge, international judge, author and lecturer, Judge and has written over twenty books and lectured extensively on these topics in over forty countries. Weeramantry is the President of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA) and President of the Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research (WICPER). Judge Weeramantry received the UNESCO Peace Education Prize 2006 in recognition of his commitment and concrete undertakings in support of the concept and culture of peace through his career.