World Future Council: Feed-in Tariffs the only way out of the global energy and climate crisis

Alan Simpson MP presents draft law for the UK at launch of PACT.

London, 28th November 2007. The World Future Council today celebrated the launch of its PACT project with a lively presentation in the Houses of Parliament. PACT (Policy Action on Climate Toolkit) is an interactive online resource. It enables parliamentarians worldwide to draft new climate laws based on the best policies already in existence, beginning with feed-in tariffs to promote the spread of renewable energies.

Speaking at the launch, Alan Simpson MP, Chair of the Warm Homes Commission said,

“A Preferential Feed-in Tariffs system is the only policy that can dig the world out of the energy and climate change crisis. Everything else is an illusion.”

The UK government was recently shown to be unlikely to meet the (rather unambitious) targets it has set itself for renewables. Feed-in Legislation would help them to reverse this trend.

Alan Simpson MP said the UK has to start playing catch-up with the rest of the world.

“The UK has to commit to Feed-in Tariffs in the forthcoming energy bill and it’s the item we have to put on the world table at the UN conference on climate change in Bali.”

Jakob von Uexküll, founder of the World Future Council, demanded that governments respond now to the growing global climate crisis, instead of just making plans for 2050.

“We cannot waste any more time. The energy that we fail to collect from the sun and wind today will not be there tomorrow – a lost opportunity we can no longer afford.”

The PACT project illustrates how the World Future Council is filling the action gap and helping parliamentarians around the world to implement existing solutions like the feed-in tariff.

Jakob von Uexküll said, “We need to move away from short-term thinking that predominates. Adopting Feed-in laws would not only have an immediate positive effect, but its benefit for future generations will be immeasurable.”

The PACT site is the first of its kind. As it grows it will incorporate other climate-friendly laws.

The PACT site can be found at

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