WFC’s Rights of Children team explores Zanzibar’s Children’s Act

The World Future Council’s Rights of Children team will be in Zanzibar next week to explore the islands’ comprehensive child rights approach which has led to a marked change in attitude towards children. Zanzibar’s Children’s Act was the gold award winner of the WFC’s 2015 Future Policy Award and used a pioneering community-level child participation process to find out what Zanzibari children wanted to see in the Act. We’ll be working to help other countries follow Zanzibar’s lead in the coming months.

Zanzibar’s Children’s Act serves as a promising model leading towards a marked societal change.

Zanzibar's Children's ActAiming not only to combat violence against girls and boys, but also strengthening their rights, the policy’s unique approach included community-level child participation in the legislation process in order to find out what societies’ youngest members need and want to see covered in law. Therefore, children as well as their parents and social environment were empowered by helping them gain a better understanding of their rights and giving them the opportunity to make critical suggestions on issues affecting their lives. Zanzibar’s Children’s Act serves as a promising model in its innovative process leading towards a marked societal change in attitude towards children and their rights.


This year, the WFC’s Rights of Children team is planning a parliamentary hearing in Zanzibar with international parliamentarians and decision-makers to get inspired by this Children’s Act on implementing children’s rights in their own countries in similar ways. Next week’s visit will serve as part of the preparation including meetings with important actors and getting a better idea of Zanzibar’s Children’s Act.

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