WFC Councillor receives prestigious award

Dr Marie-Claire Cordonier Segger honoured with 2016 Justitia Regnorum Fundamentum Award

The award, founded by the Ombudsmen of the United Nations Human Rights Commission of Hungary in 2007, is granted for exemplary, outstanding achievement and professional  activities carried out in the field of protection of human rights, including the rights of future generations, and is presented each year on the occasion of the anniversary of the  establishment of the Ombudsman institution.

WFC Councillor Dr. Cordonier Segger received the award for her achievements spanning two decades representing the interests of future generations and environmental protection, climate change, biodiversity, natural resources, and sustainable development, for her contributions as senior legal counsel and member of important global institutions for environmental and social justice, for her tireless efforts in development of treaty law and jurisprudence, and for her commitment to enlightening and mentoring a new global generation of international lawyers through editing and authoring over 80 publications, lecturing in prestigious universities, and founding international neducational institutions and initiatives.

Other award recipients in 2016 included Mr Ferenc Snétberger, a Hungarian guitar artist of Roma origin, one of the worlds most renowned Roma jazz musicians. Besides receiving numerous awards, he is famous for his achievements in supporting, encouraging and mentoring musical talents from disadvantaged background, including the founding of a truly outstanding music school in 2011 by Lake Balaton.