WFC Chair Bianca Jagger Denounces “Sticky Plaster” Approach to Climate Change: Consequences of Ignoring Threat of Climate Change Will Be Fatal for Future Generations

World Future Council Offers UK Government Real Solutions

London 08.11.07. The World Future Council (WFC) will set out the most effective methods for the UK government to combat climate change to provide a sustainable future and give a voice to generations to come.

Chair of the WFC Executive Committee Bianca Jagger said:

“We should be clear that climate change is the number one threat to the world today. While the G8 has been taking a “sticky plasters” approach to climate change, at best making small adjustments here and there, it has become apparent that the cost of dealing with climate change in a serious and systematic way could be enormous, but that the consequences of ignoring the problem will be fatal.

Those consequences will be borne not only by us, but by our children and grandchildren. We must take advantage of the fact that our media outlets are finally beginning take this danger seriously. We must compel politicians to embrace real solutions to the impending natural disasters we face.”

In a special presentation at its official UK launch as part of the Be the Change Conference in Central Hall Westminster from 15-17th November (, the World Future Council will provide concrete solutions for ways out of climate chaos. Speaking at the event will be Chair of the WFC Executive Committee Bianca Jagger and founder Jakob von Uexküll. This will take place at

Time: 2.45 pm on Thursday 15th November 2007
Place: Central Hall Westminster

In 2007 the WFC will focus on promoting Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) as the best policy available for a significantly accelerated switch to renewable energy. This policy can be tailored to the specific conditions of each country, community or region and the WFC will not only spread knowledge about this solution, but also provide assistance in its implementation.

World Future Council Program Director and renowned environmentalist and filmmaker Herbert Girardet said:

“Although solutions do already exist that would accelerate the transformation towards a decentralized and clean energy market, the steps that have so far been taken to combat climate change are far from sufficient. This is due to a lack of political will and public awareness, combined with the refusal of certain parts of industry to drop their ideologically driven preference for huge, centralized energy production plants.”

Through the experience, connections and skills of its members, the WFC is uniquely positioned to play a catalytic role in helping to prevent climate chaos and bridge the “implementation gaps” which currently delay urgently needed action. Program Director Herbert Girardet for example, was instrumental in the state government of South Australia adopting the Feed-in Tariff system as a model policy to increase the deployment of renewable energy.
The WFC designs its policy and project recommendations as global campaigns that involve parliamentary hearings, legislative assistance, tailored mailings, events, and a website  ( that is a multimedia clearinghouse for information on policies to change the world. As the voice of future generations, the World Future Council will, in its campaigns, speak up for those who cannot stand up for their rights.

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