Vandana Shiva: India transforming into hub of fossil-fuel consumption. World Future Council offers sustainable solutions to combat climate change in India

Delhi 6th February 2008. The World Future Council (WFC) today officially launched itsoperations in India at the international conference on ‘Gandhi, Globalisation and Climate Change’ in Delhi at which former Indian Prime Minister V.P Singh is one of the speakers. Together with Navdanya, the environmental organisation founded by Vandana Shiva, the WFC will draw attention to the non-sustainability and inequity inherent in the current fossil fuel dependent development. The WFC will work with the diverse movements, inspired by Gandhian philosophy, which are creating alternatives based on renewable energy.

India, the land of Gandhi, is emerging as an economic super power, fuelled by a dramatic increase in the use of fossil fuels. 2008 marks the 60th anniversary of Gandhi’s assassination. This is an appropriate time to revisit models of democracy and economy that Gandhi has inspired. It is an opportunity to highlight the alternatives which are vital to respond to Climate Change and socio economic inequality.

Vandana Shiva, member of the World Future Council Executive Committee and founder of Navdanya said:

“At a time when climate change is compelling a transition from fossil fuel driven industrialization to renewable energies and sustainable economies, the global division of labour and the global outsourcing of pollution is transforming India into a fossil fuel consumption hub. This is also leading to huge displacement and uprooting of small peasants, small traders and the poor.”

Navdanya and World Future Council believe that Gandhi’s philosophy and practice are relevant not just to India but to the entire world. It can inspire solutions to climate chaos and the deepening economic and social divide between countries and people due to increasing non sustainable systems of organizing productions and consumptions.

In its work in India, the WFC will concentrate on identifying and disseminating policies that will help the country on its way towards a just and sustainable future. Advocating sustainable agriculture and renewable energy will be the main areas of focus.

World Future Council Program Director and renowned environmentalist and filmmaker Herbert Girardet, who is currently in Delhi to launch the World Future Council, said:

“Although solutions do already exist that would accelerate the transformation towards a decentralized and clean energy market, the steps that have so far been taken to combat climate change are far from sufficient. This is due to a lack of political will and public awareness, combined with the refusal of certain parts of industry to drop their preference for huge, centralized energy production plants.”

Through the experience, connections and skills of its members, the WFC is uniquely positioned to play a catalytic role in helping to prevent climate chaos and bridge the “implementation gaps” which currently delay urgently needed action.

As the voice of future generations, the World Future Council will, in its campaigns, speak up for those who cannot stand up for their rights. This is illustrated by the KidsCall campaign, also currently in India as part of a world tour.

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