Beyond Fire: How to achieve electric cooking

n diesem Jahresbericht können Sie lesen, was wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen für Klimaschutz, 100% Erneuerbare Energien, die Bekämpfung von Landverödung, Schutz von Kindern vor Gewalt, eine nachhaltige Wirtschaftsordnung und für Frieden und Abrüstung erreicht haben.

10 Years World Future Council Publication


2017 marks the 10th anniversary of the World Future Council. As we look into the future – to new challenges and opportunities – we want to take a moment to celebrate the impact and success of the past decade.

Climate change, the destruction of the environment and continued wars are just some of the signs that today’s civilization is living at the expense of future generations. We can and need to initiate an orderly transition to a regenerative, resilient and flourishing future.


WFC China Program Annual Report 2016



Judged by either its speed or scale, China has fully exceeded developed countries in urbanization progress. The magnificent scale of cities and rapid urbanization in China make sustainable development a priority that not only concerns Chinese policy-makers, but also draws attentions from the entire world. The WFC launched the Regenerative Cities program in 2015 to stand with China in meeting the inevitable challenges that occur during sustainable urbanization reform. After one year of trial and error, 2016 marked the second year since the WFC initiated the Regenerative Cities program.

This report captures the full scope of the project in 2016. We are very proud to share these achievements with you and look forward to the journey ahead.

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Global Policy Action Plan (GPACT)

Global Policy Action Plan


The Global Policy Action Plan provides a best policy guide for policymakers worldwide. Twenty-three interlinked policy reforms will enable us to progressively build a shared sustainable human future. They provide the foundations for legitimate hope that we can still secure a living planet with a multitude of futures.

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