WFC China Program Annual Report 2016



Judged by either its speed or scale, China has fully exceeded developed countries in urbanization progress. The magnificent scale of cities and rapid urbanization in China make sustainable development a priority that not only concerns Chinese policy-makers, but also draws attentions from the entire world. The WFC launched the Regenerative Cities program in 2015 to stand with China in meeting the inevitable challenges that occur during sustainable urbanization reform. After one year of trial and error, 2016 marked the second year since the WFC initiated the Regenerative Cities program.

This report captures the full scope of the project in 2016. We are very proud to share these achievements with you and look forward to the journey ahead.

Annual Report 2016



From promoting renewable energy solutions and respecting the rights of children and future generations to driving policy action on nuclear disarmament and financing climate protection, our work is far reaching and interconnected. Over the past year, we have achieved remarkable successes in helping implement exemplary policies by bringing together change-makers from around the world to reclaim our future.

This report captures the full scope of our work. We are very proud to share these achievements with you and look forward to the journey ahead.

Global Policy Action Plan (GPACT)

Global Policy Action Plan


The Global Policy Action Plan provides a best policy guide for policymakers worldwide. Twenty-three interlinked policy reforms will enable us to progressively build a shared sustainable human future. They provide the foundations for legitimate hope that we can still secure a living planet with a multitude of futures.

Annual Report 2015


Our latest annual report, the “Pathfinder 2015”, provides an overview of our international work since the beginning of 2014. We have been busy bringing together experts from around the world to discuss and share existing solutions to today’s problems.

Annual Report 2013


In 2012 we gathered with government delegations from all over the world to discuss global challenges and identify new paths to a better future. In our “Pathfinder 2013” we report about our achievements during the last year.

Annual Report 2011


2010 has been a very successfull year for the World Future Council. We were busy counselling policy-makers and spreading ‘best policies’ and thus, multiplying incentives for positive action.


Annual Report 2009


Willingness to change is now widespread throughout the world. Often, all that decision-makers require is the right advice and sometimes a little nudge to remind them of the urgent need for action! This is what we do. In our Annual Report we collected various reports of our work.during 2008.

Annual Report 2008


One year ago, in May 2007, the World Future Council was established. So far, our aim of speaking and acting for the
rights of future generations has touched many people all over the world. By participating in various projects, we have seen that important steps are already being taken in many countries to protect our future.