Bianca Jagger: “dramatic change in direction” needed to combat climate change

World Future Council speaks up for future generations at UK launch

London 15th November 2007. The World Future Council offically launched its UK operations at the Be the Change conference in Central Hall, Westminster today.
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WFC Chair Bianca Jagger Denounces “Sticky Plaster” Approach to Climate Change: Consequences of Ignoring Threat of Climate Change Will Be Fatal for Future Generations

World Future Council Offers UK Government Real Solutions

London 08.11.07. The World Future Council (WFC) will set out the most effective methods for the UK government to combat climate change to provide a sustainable future and give a voice to generations to come.
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The United Nations Must Intervene in Burma to avert further bloodshed

World Future Council Condemns Burma Appalling Human Rights Record

NewYork/Hamburg: On the bloodshed in Burma, WFC Executive Committee Chair Bianca Jagger stated:
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World Future Council pays tribute to Anita Roddick

London, 11th September 2007: Following the sudden death of Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop and member of the World Future Council, Executive Committee Chair, Bianca Jagger commented,

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LiveEarth: Kids Call For An End To Climate Chaos

Bianca Jagger Launches “KidsCall” Campaign at LiveEarth and Collects First of Millions of Letters From Children of the World

Hamburg/London July 7, 2007: As an official partner of LiveEarth, the World Future Council (WFC) successfully launched its KidsCall campaign live on stage at the Hamburg concert on Saturday.

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LiveEarth: Bianca Jagger Launches World Future Council Campaign

KidsCall Campaign Starts Live on Stage at LiveEarth Hamburg

Hamburg/London July 6, 2007: Bianca Jagger, World Future Council Chair, will accompany over one hundred children to launch the World Future Council’s “KidsCall” campaign live on stage at the LiveEarth Hamburg concert on Saturday.

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World Future Council: G8 Fail to Live Up to Their Responsibilities

Declaration on Climate Change too Weak: World Leaders Merely Pass the Buck to the Next Climate Conference

Hamburg June 7, 2007: The G8 Declaration on Climate Change shows a lack of political will. “Despite the acute danger that climate change represents, those countries most responsible are still not able to agree on an immediate binding resolution to reduce dangerous carbon emissions, but rather they simply pass the buck on to the next Conference on Climate Change in Bali later this year,” said Jakob von Uexküll, founder of the World Future Council.

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World Future Council Appeals to G8: Listen to the Voice of Future Generations

Founding Congress Sees Bianca Jagger Elected First Chairperson

Hamburg, 13th May 2007: “Today we truly stand at the crossroads of human history. Our actions – and our failure to act – will decide the future of life on earth for thousands of years, if not forever.” The opening words of the “Hamburg Call to Action”, which was unanimously adopted by the 50 members of the World Future Council at the organisation’s Founding Congress on Sunday.

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The Hamburg Call to Action

Hamburg, 9 – 13th May 2007, Founding Congress: Today we stand at the crossroads of human history. Our actions − and our failures to act − will decide the future of life on earth for thousands of years, if not forever. Our generation will be scrutinized with exceptional fierceness by those coming after us, for decisions taken now will have profound consequences for them in terms of lives saved or lost.

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The Future Starts This Week in Hamburg

The World Future Council is Ready to Go

London/Hamburg, 7 May 2007: The World Future Council (WFC) has reached its full complement of 50 eminent global pioneers, representing all continents from the world of business, politics, civil society and the arts. Now, this strong new voice is about to get even louder.

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