Windhoek Declaration

 Workshop on Food and Nutrition Security, 21 – 23 July 2014

Concluding Recommendations

After thorough deliberation at the Workshop on Food and Nutrition Security which was enabled by the City of Windhoek, the City of Belo Horizonte (Brazil), the World Future Council and the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

We, the Mayors of Namibian Cities, policymakers, technicians, experts, and representatives of civil society organizations have compiled this document with the following recommendations which we strongly feel ought to be implemented by all stakeholders in order to ensure the right to food for all people.

Recognize the urgent need to act now at local and national levels to address the challenges in food and nutrition security our country is facing today and ensure food and nutrition security for future generations.

Commit to engage in a multi-stakeholder dialogue on food and nutrition security governance and interventions at different levels: from local to national, from public to private, including but not limited to civil society and international organisations, and media.

Acknowledge the fact that we need to develop and implement solutions that are fitting for our specific situations, including reviewing the policy and legal framework on national level, developing solutions for financing efforts on local level, and connecting political with technical will.

Commit to harmonize our efforts to tackling food and nutrition security in Namibia and build networks for multi-level stakeholder dialogue, partnerships, capacity building and implementation of follow-up actions.

Engage to realize the concrete recommendations, action plans and time frames that have been developed at the Workshop, especially in regards to the establishment of Food Banks in Namibia and the promotion of urban and peri-urban agriculture and city-region linkages.

Recommend that ALAN facilitates the establishment of an inter-municipal technical task force whose mandate is to engage further relevant stakeholders with the view to implementing concrete recommendations and action plans that have been developed at the workshop.

Windhoek, 23 July 2014


Cllr Agnes Kafula

Cllr Muesee Kazapua

Cllr Uilika Nambahu

Cllr Juuso Kambweshe

Cllr Helaria Mukapuli

Cllr Hilka Leevi

Cllr Emma Taukuheke

Cllr Lidia S. Bezuidenhoudt

Cllr Ndangi Sheeteketa

Cllr Jason Asisno

Cllr Eve Massdorp

Cllr Carolina Arendse

Cllr Ronny Negonga

Cllr Gustav IHoaeb

Cllr Erastus Kandjimi

Cllr Daniel U. Muhuura

Cllr Tuarungua Kavari

Cllr Matheus Ndeshitita

CIlr Julia Shikongo

Cllr Paulus Haikali

Cllr David lpinge

Cllr Isai D. Uuzombata

Mr Willian Shenldee

Cllr Onesmus Shilunga

Cllr Andreas Shintama

Cllr Hesikiel Nanyeni

Cllr John Viakongo

Cllr Charles M. Matengu

Cllr Markus Damaseb

Cllr Henry Edward Coetzee

CIlr Esme S. Isaack

Cllr Thyphosa Moloto

Cllr Hilda Jesaya

Cllr Vaierie Aron

Cllr Aila Haufiku

Cllr Moses Titus

Cllr Kleophas Geingob

Cllr Alex Kamburute

Cllr Bartholomeus Rooi

Cllr Yvonne Bok

Cllr Petrus Boois

Cllr Christine Garoes Scholtz

Cllr S Haikwiyu

Cllr Susanna Motinga

CIlr Christina lsaaks

Cllr Edward Wells

Cllr J Khachab

Cllr Feitje Basson

Cllr Regina Aebes

Mr Pete Gurirab

Cllr Maria Ganuses

Cllr Magdalena Aebes

Cllr Franciska Nakare

Cllr Livey van Wyk

Title and Institutions

Mayor of the City of Windhoek

Deputy Mayor, City of Windhoek

President Mayor Forum

Mayor of Swakopmund

Deputy Mayor of Luderjtz

Mayor of Rundu

Mayor of Grootfontein

Mayor of Cobabis

Mayor of Tsumeb

Mayor Ongwediva

Mayor of Rehoboth

Mayor of Karasburg

Mayor of Ondangwa

Mayor of Usakos

Mayor of Nkurenkuru

Mayor of Arandis

Mayor of Opuwo

Mayor of Outapi

Mayor of Eenhana

Mayor of Hetao Nafidi

Mayor of Karibib

Mayor of Okahao

MC Chairperson of Oshikuku

Mayor of Oshakati

Mayor of Ruacana

Mayor of Omuthiya

Mayor of Okakarara

Mayor of Katima Mulilo

Mayor of Otavi

Mayor of Oranjemund

Major of Aranos

Mayor of Khorixas

Mayor of Otjiwarongo

Mayor of Okaha ndja

Mayor of Hentjes Bay

Mayor of Keetmanshoop

Mayor of Outjo

Mayor of Marientet

Chairperson: Aroab Village Council

Chairperson: Gibeon Village Council

Chairperson: Gochas Village Council

Chairperson: Kalkrand Village Council

Chairperson: Matahöhe Village Council

Chairperson: Stampriet ViIageCouncil

Chairperson: Berseba Villaee Council

Chairperson: Bethanie Village Councit

Chairperson: Koës Village Council

Vice Chairperson: Tses Village Council

Deputy Chairperson: Kamanjab VillageCouncil

CEO: Kamanjab Village Council

Kamanjab Village Council

Kamanjab Village Council

Chairperson: Leonardville Village Councjl

Chairperson: Witvlei Village Council


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