Regional renewable energy workshop

Nairobi: East African energy stakeholders were invited to this intensive policy workshop on how to unlock Africa’s untapped renewable energies potential, which was jointly organized by the WFC and Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Kenya.

ISEP Community Power Conference

Fukushima: Stefan Schurig, Director Climate and Energy, participated in the 3rd Community Power Conference in Fukushima, organised by the Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies (ISEP). The conference aimed to create a unified forum for those people working on community based renewable energy projects and to accelerate further development through discussion and knowledge exchange.

Stefan Schurig was invited to give the opening keynote speech on the “Realization of a 100% Renewable Energy Society”.

Full Circle presents Talking Heads

Brussels: WFC Founder Jakob von Uexkull spoke to an international audience of policy-makers and students on the subject “World Emergency: Charting the Course to a Shared Future” in a discussion of the Global Policy Action Plan.