February 2016

Dear friends,

We are off to a flying start in 2016, welcoming aboard Anke Domscheit-Berg as Senior Policy Advisor working with us to end violence against women and girls as well as our new Ambassador Demian Dressler.

We are also preparing for our Annual General Meeting that will take place in Hamburg at the beginning of March, where Councillors and staff members will discuss the work programme for the next year. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date!



The First Renewable Energy COP


COP21 in Paris has been widely praised as historic! At our side event we highlighted how 100% Renewable Energy is a viable solution to combat climate change today, by presenting different approaches to achieve this ambitious goal. This article explains why this was the very first “Renewables COP” and here you can readwhy it is time to recognise African countries as key protagonists in the development towards 100% RE.



How to Finance the Sustainable Development Goals

It’s the trillion-dollar question: How will the Sustainable Development Goals be financed? To find innovative solutions, The Guardian’s Global Development Professionals Network hosted an online expert panel. Our Future Finance expert Mathias Kroll also participated.Click here to read a summary of the discussion.


Anke Domscheit-Berg and Demian Dressler join our team

We are happy to announce that publicist and speaker Anke Domscheit-Berg and author, artist and veterinary surgeon Demian Dressler have joined the World Future Council. Click here to read more about Demian and here for Anke’s Twitter feed.


Events: Zero Project 2016: Education and/or ICT

From February 10-12, we are hosting the fifth Zero Project Conference together with the  Essl Foundation and the European Foundation Centre at the UN office in Vienna. Five hundred participants will discuss innovative policies and practices on inclusive education. Click herefor more information.


9th Annual General Meeting in Hamburg

More than 50 Councillors, Ambassadors and members of our Supervisory Board will convene for our Annual General Meeting “Identifying Policy Solutions for a World of Growing Disorder and Inter-linked Crises” in Hamburg, Germany from 5-7 March. Councillors Dr. Auma Obama and Youth Ambassador Kehkashan Basu will provide keynote speeches and Councillors from all continents will provide their view of the future and ways to achieve a peaceful, sustainable and just future.


Policy of the month

Approximately three million children die of malnutrition each year. This could be easily prevented, as the example of Belo Horizonte in Brazil demonstrates: With its exemplary Food Security system the city has shown that the human right to sufficient and healthy food can be successfully transformed into a reality with only 2% of the city’s annual budget.  Click here to find out more.
Jakob von Uexkull at DLD 15 Conference

More than 1000 attendees joined the DLD 15 Conference in Munich, including some of the most influential social and opinion leaders. One of them was our founder Jakob von Uexkull – you can watch his speech here.

Sponge Cities – What is it all about?

Sponge City – yet another term on the growing list of essential environmental vocabulary. Our Policy Officer for Climate and Energy, Filippo Boselli, explains what a Sponge City is and why we need them.

Ending sexual harrassment of women

The New Year’s eve events in Cologne, Germany, sparked a public debate on the extent to which German legislation protects women against sexual assaults. Our Senior Policy Advisor Anke Domscheit-Berg has been actively engaging in the debate and calling for better policies that are in line with the Istanbul Convention, including in the leading political talkshow Anne Will at the first national TV station ARD.

November News!

Autumn update 2016

UN Climate Talks: World Future Councillor Dr Ahmed Djoghlaf to co-chair critical negotiations

Lima/London, 15 December 2015 – Dr Ahmed Djoghlaf, Ambassador and Advisor to the cabinet in the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Daniel A Reifsnyder, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment in the US Department of State have been appointed to lead the crucial round of climate negotiations preparing for the 2015 Paris meeting.

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“The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition” called upon national governments to commit to 100% renewable energy targets and strategies

Press release – for immediate release

Warsaw, 18th November 2013 – The Global 100% Renewable Energy Coalition today called at the UN climate summit upon national governments to commit to 100% renewable energy targets and strategies. According to a joint statement from the coalition, “communicating and proving the urgency and feasibility of 100% renewable energy is key to breaking the climate deadlock.” Members of the coalition including World Wind Energy Association, World Bioenergy Association and the Fraunhofer ISE Institute criticized “the ongoing stagnancy of the climate negotiations and their struggle to agree upon and implement measures that effectively combat the climate crisis.” The organizations applauded the fact that „local, regional and national governments across the world are leading the way.”

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Oceans & Islands – New E-Magazine Launched Today

Hamburg, 12 June 2014 – The first issue of Oceans & Islands has officially gone live. Forming part of the celebrations for the International Year of Small Island Developing States and last week’s World Oceans Day, Oceans & Islands is now available to download for free via the magazine’s official website.

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World Future Council mourns death of Hans-Peter Dürr

Hamburg, 19.05.2014 – The World Future Council mourns its founding member Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr. The nuclear physicist and philosopher passed away on May 18 at the age of 84 in Munich.

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WFC appoints Brenda Martin as new Head of the Africa Liaison Office based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, May 15 – As of today, Brenda Martin, Founder of the highly respected South African Project 90, has been appointed as new Head of the African Liaison Office of the World Future Council (WFC). The position will focus on climate and energy projects and further the ongoing cooperation with the African Renewable Energy Alliance (AREA).

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World Future Council members and RLA laureates denounce limited focus of Nuclear Security Summit

Press release – for immediate release

Stockholm/Hamburg, March 20, 2014 – In a joint statement 38 recipients of the Right Livelihood Award and members of the World Future Council are calling on world leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit to acknowledge that, for nuclear weapons, there are “no right hands”.

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Three years after Fukushima: 100% renewable energy is only a matter of political will

Press release – for immediate release

Hamburg, 11th March, 2014 – Three years after the Fukushima/Daiichi nuclear disaster, the Global100RE Ambassadors are highlighting the need to refrain from using hazardous nuclear and fossil energy sources and instead shift towards 100% renewable energy. Ambassadors of the Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign Bill McKibben, David Suzuki, Hans-Josef Fell, Jeremy Leggett, and Ulrich Kelber call on policy makers around the world to take action as transitioning towards fossil-free societies is a matter of political will. If human beings are to preserve modernity and planetary habitability, we must soon shift to 100% renewable energy in all sectors.

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