Dr Sándor Fülöp

Former Parliamentary Commissioner for future generations in Hungary.

From May 2008 to August 2012 Dr Sándor Fülöp held the office of the first Parliamentary Commissioner for future generations in Hungary. Before, he worked as a public prosecutor and executive director of Hungary’s principal non-profit environmental law firm. He has also been a member of the compliance committee of the Aarhus Convention, the first international convention on access to information, access to decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters. He is president of the Hungarian Environmental Management and Law Association (EMLA), works on public interest environmental cases as a private attorney, teaches and does international consultancy work in environmental law and policy matters. Dr Fülöp has authored numerous publications in the field of environmental protection legislation, e.g. “Environmental protection democracy in the practice. Handbook on community participation for environmental protection and water management authorities” (2002), “Some internal contradictions of the environmental protection law: Is the re-codification necessary?” (2002) and “Preliminary examination – impact study – IPPC” (2007).