Raina Ivanova

Youth Climate activist

I am a youth climate activist from Germany who focuses on child rights violations caused by climate change and the social inequalities linked to it. Climate change exacerbates other crises like racism, poverty, and sexisim and often leads to human and child rights violations. Furthermore, as a young activist, I fear the ever-growing impact climate change will have on my future. My favorite thing about being a climate activist is that it allows me to advocate for multiple issues at once. By defeating climate catastrophes with resilient and accessible solutions we can contribute to a better climate and a society that upholds human and child rights.

One way in which I have advocated for child rights in connection to climate change is by becoming a petitioner to the United Nations. As a part of the Children vs. Climate Crisis petition alongside Greta Thunberg and 14 other youth, I petitioned 5 countries including my own to drastically cut down carbon emissions as their contribution to climate change violates child rights. Furthermore, I am a part of UNICEF’s Youth Council in Germany. Along with 11 other youth, I advise UNICEF Germany on campaigns and programs to amplify child rights. Another project I am very passionate about is founding and leading the Climate Club at my school. Together with 16 other students, we work on making our school more climate-friendly and raising awareness about climate change. Our greatest achievement was presenting in front of the whole 5th and 6th grade of our school and informing these young students from age 10-12 about climate change. Through participating in many climate strikes with Fridays For Future in my city and distributing flyers and stickers for strikes I made my first experiences as a climate activist.