Patricia Mumbua Kombo

Environmentalist/ Agri Journalist

I’m a passionate environmentalist, Education for sustainable development Promoter, a UNCCD Land Hero and a youth; present representative. Besides championing for climate change, I advocate for sustainable land use, with an aim of ending hunger, malnutrition and poverty in my community. My goal is to give voice to young generations and train them how to act for climate through sustainable and skill based education. As the founder of PaTree initiative, I have planted over 10,000 trees and visited over 15 schools in Kenya with an aim of mentoring the younger generation on the benefit of environmental conservation and tapping the opportunities in the land sector for sustainability and job creation . My niche revolves around networking and partnering with schools to promote a safe and clean planet for our generations through environmental education and tree planting activities, an idea born out of passion and from watching innocent children and their mothers suffer the adversities of climate crisis which served as an eye opener and triggered quick action. I believe in Education as a tool of change and that a child without Environmental Education is like a bird without feathers. I use my communication skills to write articles on Environmental issues and also giving communities alternative ways to sustainably produce and consume.


  1. I was recognized by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification as a Land Hero for advocating for sustainable land use and changing community attitudes towards sustainable land use and consumption.
  2. Through my writing skills I managed to be among top 5 in blog4dev competition by the World Bank this year.
  3. Awarded the She can Award by kotex Kenya for promoting Environmental Education in schools
  4. Mock cop delegate representing Kenya
  5. Part of youth consultation for updated NDCs in Kenya


During the lockdown I have been working with my community and mostly with youths in setting up a 10,000 tree nursery where we have incorporated fruit trees and indigenous trees .We are also setting up kitchen gardens for local consumption and training them on using land sustainably through recycling and reusing plastics to reduce landfills.